4 Best Ways of Luxury Travel Within India

In the earlier times, it seldom used to happen that one could associate the word ‘luxury’ with India but today; India is well-known as one of the most sought-after luxury travel destinations all around the world.

We might all have experienced bumpy rides on the Indian roads, a broken down car in the middle of the road, travel in shabby buses or a crouching journeys sitting on the berths of the trains with almost no leg space. All this is a thing of past now.

This rural country has come a long way and can boast of housing some most luxurious travel mediums to cater to the needs of a crazy number of discerning visitors who travel to India for both luxury or business purposes.

Now, there are quite a few options for you in luxury traveling during your tour to India. In this blog, we have handpicked 4 best  ways of luxury travel within India:

1.  Luxury Trains

Luxury Trains in India

Luxury Trains in India

Since the time of its inception, luxury train travel within India has always been a favorite of luxury travelers all around the world. Travel aboard India luxury trains is an extremely thrilling experience. Like no other country, India boasts of as many as 6 luxury trains- Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Indian Maharaja, Golden Chariot and Maharajas Express. Explore the best destinations of India through the well-planned journeys while enjoying impeccable Indian hospitality, sumptuous Indian/World cuisines, every contemporary facility in a traditional royal setting along with much more.

2. Luxury Scania Buses

Luxury Scania Buses in India

Luxury Scania Buses in India

Launched just a few days ago, Scania buses are a Swedish brand of buses that are going to change your way of exploring the city. Forget those bumpy rides and hot air of the city by just going aboard these luxury buses while you are exploring your chosen destination. These buses do not only let you splurge in luxury while on a move but is also assures a fast travel time. This 31-seater air-conditioned bus is well-laden with innumerable world-class contemporary facilities including Wi-fi, toilet, spa, on-the-go dining, a refreshment bar, personal LCD screen with USB compatibility and more. The design and the interior are extremely luxurious.

3. Luxury Houseboats

Luxury Houseboats In India

Luxury Houseboats In India

The luxury houseboats of Kashmir and Kerala are the prime highlights of these 2 well-known tourist destinations of India. They are not just a way to explore the beautiful scenery and popular locations but a way of life for the locals. While the Kashmir houseboats are stationary on the waters of Dal Lake or Nagin Lake, the Kerala Houseboats or Kettuvallam, cruise along the serene backwaters.In Srinagar, Meena Mahal is one of the most popular names including water and electricity back-up, a cook, room service, internet and more. In Alleppey Kerala, the Oberoi M.V. Vrinda, is an 8-bedroom vessel, which is quite popular offering all sorts of modern facilities once can ask for.

4. Luxury Emirates Private Jets

Luxury Emirates Private Jets in India

Luxury Emirates Private Jets in India

The Emirates, a well-known name in luxury travel all around the world, recently launched ultra-luxurious private jets known as Emirates Exclusive. You can rent these luxury airbuses come with customized dining options, shower spa, work lounges, ten first-class sleeping suites, and a well-mannered crew as well as catering staff. Splurge in luxury when you wish to.

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