Indian Maharaja Train Tour – A Repertoire of Unique Cultural Experience

Weaving through the kaleidoscopic terrains of India, explosive sound of train chugging and bringing to fore a potent mixture of heritage and culture is what one can expect from a journey aboard Indian Maharaja Train. Winner of several prestigious accolades, Indian Maharaja offers a seamless blend of luxury, refinement and exotic sceneries to the guests on India tour. 

Indian Maharaja Luxury Train
Indian Maharaja Luxury Train

The chartered version of Deccan Odyssey train, Indian Maharaja is privately owned and managed by Travel Corporation of India (TCI). The luxury train tour offers ample opportunities to experience the rich cultural and architectural heritage of India from close quarters. The weeklong journey on this regal train encapsulates the essence of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh by covering various celebrated destinations that fall in the domain of these states. 

Restaurant,Indian Maharaja
A guest served in the restaurant on board the Indian Maharaja
The two weeklong itineraries of Indian Maharaja Train- Delhi to Mumbai and Mumbai to Delhi-have been meticulously designed to bring forth the rich cultural heritage that dot the length and breadth of all the detonations covered by a weeklong train journey onboard this Indian luxury train. Right from exploring forts and palaces to rendezvous with wild in Rajasthan, from witnessing cultural harmony at Ajanta and Ellora to unearthing the exquisite gem stones of Mughal architecture, the journey on board this Indian luxury train lets you explore the treasure troves of India in a spectacular manner.
Longe bar,the Indian Maharaja
Longe bar of the Indian Maharaja
The rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora are the startling masterpieces of sculptured art and mural paintings. These caves bear testimony to the arduous efforts and artistic brilliance of its creators. From Aurangabad, the train rolls down to Udaipur. The city of Udaipur is famous for its spectacular monuments, exotic view of Aravali hills and surreal serenity of its beautiful lakes. The train journey transforms into a spine shivering thrill at the time of game safari in Ranthambore. Take pleasure in catching different moods of wild cats in their natural turf along with witnessing diverse species of flora and fauna in the wild terrain of Ranthambore.
Amer Fort,jaipur
Amer Fort,jaipur
Then there is Jaipur which presents picture perfect scenery of forts, palaces, grand villas and colorful markets in front of the guests. The royal pomp of entering the Amber fort while riding upon the mammoth elephants constitutes the crescendo of the day. A large chunk in the pie of India’s cultural heritage is held by Delhi and Agra, each of which houses exquisite jewels of Mughal architecture. The most precious jewel is Taj Mahal which is recognized as the tour de force of Mughal architecture. Hence it will not be an exaggeration to say Indian Maharaja is a repertoire of unique cultural experiences.For more information on the Indian Maharaja itinerary you may like to visit the website of Indian Luxury Trains.

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