Train Travel in India
The mere mention of the train traveling in India might bring to fore the images of jammed compartments, over boarded trains and loosely maintained infrastructure. However there is no denial that some portions of Indian railways suffer from such conditions. But this is the not the case with all. On the contrary, these are several advantages associated with the train travelling. In the blog, I am going to introduce the top reasons for train travel in India.

Cost Saving Affair

As compared to airways, travelling by train will cost you very low especially if the distance is quite long.  Also, you can get a 40 % rebate if you are a senior male or female citizen of age 60 and 58 respectively. This rebate is applicable to Sleeper Class, First Class, AC Chair and First Class Chair in all trains.

More Comfort and Relaxation

When you are travelling by airplane, you are bound to a seat for next 2-3 hours. However in the trains like Rajdhani & Shatabdi, one can sit or sleep in his own private berth. Also it is safe because you can keep your luggage with you and enjoy private moments with your companions.

Proximity to Market Areas and City Centers

In stark opposition to airports, railway stations are most often situated nearby lodges, cheap hotels and market areas. Despite of taking cabs or taxis to move out of the precincts of the airport, you can access your hotel within a few moments of stepping out of the train.

Hassle Free

If you are opting for airplane travel, in any case, you’ll have to go through immigration and other procedures of more than 1 hour. However for boarding the train, you’ll have to sit in waiting for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Carry More Luggage

When travelling in India by trains, you are allowed to carry luggage up to about 100 kilograms. This is beneficial for those whose luggage carries gifts for friends and relatives.

More than a Transportation Mode

The train travelling in India has come of age with the introduction of luxury tourist trains. Unlike normal passenger trains which take you from one destination to another, these trains are virtual five star hotel offering week long trip. The advantage of travelling by such trains is that you travel overnight and utilize the day for sightseeing.