When it comes to planning for a luxury holiday, you can never be too sure. That holds especially true if you’re traveling abroad. Read on for tips on how to plan your luxury travel in India.
How to Plan your Luxury Travel in India
I am sure you haven’t forgotten about insurance.
Always remember travel insurance is important especially if you are traveling overseas.
The case deepens if the destination in question happens to be India. Now if you are worried, you should check out the top 10 reasons to visit India.
And we could also tip you on how to get cheap flight ticket for traveling overseas.
If you are a women traveling alone and India is on your radar and you’re unsure you should know if India is safe for women traveling alone.
Yes, luxury vacations in India can get tedious if not planned thoroughly and one requires the managerial acumen like that of Sheldon Cooper to successfully map luxury tours to India.
We will still brief you the little Do’s and Don’ts of planning luxury vacations in India
Start with the bare basics. No amount of research is enough when scouting for that perfect Indian tour operator
Do not fall for sugar coated promises, do not fall for fake online reviews by shady, made up names like Sam Jackson Brad Sean, do not share personal details – whatever you do, do not send any advance payments until absolutely sure.
Remember, India is a big market travel wise. There is no dearth of vendors and if lucky (read persistent) you may land up an unbelievably profitable deal. A number of travel companies may try to convince you to make a part payment so that they may bag you the “Best Deal’.
Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Having arrived in India, insist on employing only registered vendors.
Ask your travel agent to send you scanned PDFs of the certifications of each vendor – the cab service, the caterer, independent spas, restaurants etc.
There is a high chance he may not be able to send you the same; but at least he’ll know you mean business and are fussy about the quality of service rendered.
Since this is a luxury tour we’re talking about, do not throw a fit if you have to shell out a few bucks extra to get things done in India.
Here, a $2 “bakshish” (financial token of gratitude or appreciation) goes a long way and may even save the day for you.
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