From the beginning of the civilization, human beings have a tendency to know the unknown and tame the untamable. This eagerness to reveal the secrets of the world, and to a broader extent of the universe, has resulted in the most striking discoveries by the human kind. Hiking trails or trekking is a way to challenge the inner self and to conquer the inner fear. But before setting out for trekking, preparing the body and the mind for the challenges is the most important thing.
However, choosing to go to any of the trekking trails will definitely give you some unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Trekking is just not a way of spending the vacation days, but a way to face the challenges and conquer the situations. For many, it is a passion to defeat their own fear while making their own route in life. Thus, in your next vacation plan an adventure trek in any of the peaks of the globe and experience the power of self-motivation in yourself. In no particular order, following are some of the world’s best hiking trails that will surely bring down shivers to your spines.

1. GR20, France

World's Best Hiking Trails
Sight you may see during your GR 20 trek in France
Across the island of Corsica, France, the GR20 is a 15 day trail in Europe. Popularly known as ‘Fra li Monti’, the Grand Randonnee (GR) 20 is one of the toughest mountain treks in the world. This 15 day trail will make you witness the diverse landscapes of European terrain. The encounter with the varied species of flowers, birds, animals and an on the way meet with the local shepherds and hikers from around the world are like the souvenirs that you will take back home after one of the world’s best hiking trails.

2. Inca Trail, Peru

top 10 trekking trails
A View of Machu Pichhu from the Inca Trail
The Inca Trail is one of the most exciting trails in South America that unfolds many gem stones of nature and manmade wonders. The view of the surrounding sanctuary from the top of the Mount Wayna Picchu is incredible and mesmerizing. The magic of walking one cliff-hugging ruin to the next while into the trail of Inca the fairy White Mountains tips and floating clouds in the blue sky welcome the travelers with its open arms.

3. Ladakh & Zanskar, India

top 10 treks in the world
Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh
The trekking track in Ladakh and Zanskar in Northern India is one of the most interesting tracks that attracted the travelers from all around the world from time to time. The two highest mountains, Himalayas and Karakoram paved the trekking trail in this part of the country. The challenging trial of Ladakh and Zanskar is full of challenges; but along with that it gives ample adventure feed to the travelers. July to September is the best time to plan your trekking excursion in this Northern Indian Mountain.

4. Overland Trek, Australia

best mountain hikes in the world
Overland Trek, Australia
Setting off to a trekking jaunt in the Overland Trek of Australia never disheartens the adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. The stunning dolerite mountains, beautiful waterfalls, a variety of fascinating ecosystems and the views of Tasmania’s highest mountains are the spectacular experience that every trekker gets while into this trekking trail.

5. Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Mount Toubkal Trek, Morocco

Situated in the Toubkal National Park at a height of 4,167 meters, Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountain Range in North Africa. The natural setting no doubt offers many challenging situations before the trekkers, but when they conquer the heights of this mountain trek the exhaustion and fatigue of the entire journey turn into a ceremonial happiness. The nights are chilly, but as the morning sun rays hits the snow dusted peak tops, the trekkers get a warm feeling.

6. Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest, Nepal
Everest, Nepal
Mount Everest, the most challenging and the highest mountain peak in the world, is no doubt one of the best trekking spots. It is the dream of every trekker to conquer the peak of Mount Everest; but before setting out for a trekking in this difficult trial, you need to be fully prepared mentally and physically. Though, throughout the year trekking is possible in this part, but the best time to plan is between March to the mid of May.

7. Garhwal, India

Garhwal Trek

Uttrakhand is considered to be one of the most challenging trekking destinations in the world for it is the home to some of the highest mountains in the globe. But a trekking experience in this part of the country will make you spot some of the best destinations in the lap of the nature. Moreover, in the Garhwal, you can also enjoy some of the most exciting adventure sports such as camping, river rafting, skiing and motor biking.

8. The Narrows, USA

The Narrows Trek, USA

For travelers who want to experience an unforgettable wilderness while trekking, The Narrows in the USA is the best option for them. The season and the weather are quite unpredictable in the Narrows and thus this adventure journey is more wild and challenging as compared to the other ones. The Narrows offer an altogether different experience when you walk in the shadows of its soaring walls, sandstone grottos, natural springs and hanging gardens.

9. Annapurna, India

Annapurna at Lake Pokhra
Annapurna at Pokhra Lake
A view of the Annapurna is no less than a natural amphitheatre which is vast and houses some of the peaks with a height of 7,000 meters. The awe-inspiring views of the mountain peaks in the early morning when the fresh sunrays hit the peaks, the fatigue of your entire trekking gets exhausted in no time.

10. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

View of the Routeburn track, New Zealand
View of the Routeburn track, New Zealand

The Routeburn Track will make you relish the stunning views of the subalpine scenery of New Zealand’s south island surroundings. To chase the Routeburn Track travelers need just three days of time; during this short period of time the trekkers experience the most exciting views of the Swiss landscape along with spending time in the lap of Mother Nature.

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