“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls is”, a great thought by a great French writer Anais Nin. Traveling is an opportunity that allows us to discover ourselves and the treasure troves of nature and humanity sprinkled across the planet Earth. Each new destination that a person visits unfolds varied geographical and cultural hues. South India is one destination where natural and cultural bounties are found in abundance.

The Golden Chariot
The Golden Chariot luxury train Exterior

For those looking forward to a tour of India, one of the best ways to discover the treasure troves of the southern region comes on board the Golden Chariot train. The Golden Chariot is also referred to as South India’s very own Palace on Wheels. This luxury train was introduced to offer luxurious and hassle-free options for tours in Karnataka. Later the journeys were extended to offer tours to Kerala, Goa, and Pondicherry.

Kerala Backwater tour
A View of Kerala Backwater Tour

Touring a la India is considered one big challenge even for some of the fussiest of travelers. Luxury train tours in India have come as a welcome respite to overseas travelers offering all-inclusive tour packages thereby eliminating the usual hassles of arranging for accommodation, riddance from touts, and almost everything is well taken care of.

Golden Chariot train which was launched to replicate the success of Palace on Wheels of Rajasthan offers an enhanced level of luxury, gracious hospitality, and a mesmerizing voyage to uncover the gems of South India.

Golden Chariot train offers 2 itineraries both spanning over 7 nights and 8 days. Whereas the Pride of the South itinerary offers luxury train tours in Karnataka and also covers Goa; Southern Splendor offers tours to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, and Karnataka. Both these itineraries are tastefully crafted to offer unique cultural interactions to the guests.

What makes these journeys one of a kind is the unapologetic refinement of the train interiors, state-of-the-art onboard facilities, and impeccable hospitality.

Golden Chariot Restaurant
A View of Golden Chariot Restaurant

These all-inclusive itineraries include accommodation for 7 nights on the train, dining, entrance fees at monuments, guided off-train excursions, porter charges, and house brand of wines.

Designed to offer insider experiences at the destinations covered which the usual package tours to India lack, a luxury train trip in South India offers a glimpse of the many worlds in 2 tastefully designed tour itineraries.

The journey on board this luxury train of Karnataka starts from US $440 per person per night. The details of the upcoming schedule and booking of the Golden Chariot India tour packages could be done with the Indian Luxury Trains website or the website of the Golden Chariot Train.