Earlier through our blog we informed you about the most expensive luxury tour package in the world

We have also speculated on what could be the next package to overtake it as the most luxurious tour package.

Continuing in the series we bring to you 5 destinations from around the globe which are considered most expensive luxury tourist places in the world. So read on and let us know if they meet your standard of “luxe living”.

Are you the type of person who likes to get value for their money? If yes, read on. 

Below I have compiled a list of five most expensive luxury tourist spots in the world which will give you services worth the money you will pay. 

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Muai Island
Muai Island is one of the most popular islands in Hawaii

Best known for its eight islands, Hawaii is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world. Nevertheless, it boasts a lot of sceneries which will take your breath away and give out of the world experience.

Physical attractions such as the Pearl Harbor, valley of the temples and the Hawaii temple will make sure that your visit is worth both the time and money.

Hawaii also boasts a number of beaches including Waikiki beach, ala Moana beach, Sunday beach and the sunset beach. The beaches have the most beautiful coastlines and they are famous because of their fine sand.

Its wildlife will also take your breath away when you visit the Haleakala National Park even though the charges may scare you but the plenty of wildlife and good services will leave you satisfied.

Water sports such as surfing will make your visit memorable as will the marine life like whales, sharks and other types of fish. For a good view of the coastline, you can decide to take a helicopter ride.


You will agree with me that this is perhaps the most expensive and at the same time the liveliest places on earth. Despite being that expensive, shoppers flock it during the famous Dubai shopping festival.

The city also houses the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, which made Dubai earn the name “the world’s best shopping capital”.

Dubai is also famous for housing the four tallest buildings in the world especially the JW Marriot Marquins Dubai Hotel being the tallest. Its outstanding aquariums, the palm island and the desert safari will make you even forget that amount of money you paid.

 JW Marriot Marquins Dubai
 JW Marriot Marquins Dubai

Monte Carlo

This is a fine place to visit for heavy money spenders. The rich and the mighty flock this place because it offers certain unique tax exemptions. It has the best hotels which will give you a nice stay while the casinos will keep you busy during the night. 

The formula 1 Monaco Grand prix is another event which you can’t miss as well as visiting the Monte Carlo harbor.

Las Vegas, U.S.A

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, and fine dining

This is known as the entertainment heartbeat of the world, as it is famous for its gambling and casinos, clubs and entertainment joints. The boulevard is well known among the rich circles and its surroundings will make you want to stay forever. It’s a good destination to head when you have some cash to splash.


Did you know that Maldives is the most endangered group of islands? We have already featured it as the top 10 most romantic islands in the world

Maldives has the lowest natural highest point in the world, at 2.4 metres

Here’s what Patricia has to add.

Maldives; the small island country is best known because of its serenity and quietness. Couples prefer to visit it for their honey moon despite the high cost of staying there. This is because its resorts and scenery ensure that you will experience the best stay you have ever had. 

The white sands, beautiful beaches and great hotels have earned it the accolade of “the best honeymoon destination in the world”.

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