India has been attracting travelers for centuries. Traders, historians, refuges or rulers, India has been visited by many. There is so much to see, do and experience that days and even years of it may not seem to satiate yourself.
If history appeals you then India has so much to tell that you will never be short of facts and lessons. If adventure is your call, then you must visit, as there are thrilling exploits in the water, mountains, forests etc. Cultural extravaganza is one of the major highlights of a visit to India. Luxury hospitality is a way of life here, and guests are treated to the like of Gods.
If you are still not convinced, we tell you the top reasons why India should be your next travel destination.

1. People

Indian tradition; the guest is the God (Atithi Devo Bhava)
Indians are a friendly lot. The 1.7 billion people will welcome you like nowhere else. According to Indian tradition; the guest is the God (Atithi Devo Bhava). Hospitality is unquestionable here. In places where commercial hotels do not exist, people are ready to open their houses for travelers, share their traditional meal and guide them towards their next destination. These friendly lot open their hearts to visitors. You can share tales, learn and do other things.

2. Food

Food in India
Food in India is a way of life. Every region has its own specialty and you will never fell short of options. Indian food can be a little spicy. But, this should not stop you from tasting the parathe, Hyderabadi biryani, Tirunelveli halwa, Mysore pak, Ladakh’s yak cheese, Mumbai’s vada pav, Kerala’s dosa and others. The cuisine of India is unique because of their matchless palate of ingredients like coconut, variety of sea food, rice, spices and others. No matter whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan or have food preferences, there will be a lot of things for you to taste and enjoy in India.

3. Taj Mahal-the Wonder of the World

Taj Mahal-the Wonder of the World
One of the biggest draws to India has to be the magnificent Taj Mahal. It is one of the top wonders of the world and is instantly recognized by people around the world. And if you do get the chance to visit the building, you will be amazed by the beautiful architectural wonder. Therefore, it’s something that should be added to your list of must-sees when visiting the beautiful country.

4. Toy Trains and Luxury Trains

Toy Trains and Luxury Trains
India has 5 major toy trains traversing on mountains routes. These scenic train rides are truly unforgettable. Kalka-Shimla, Darjeeling, Matheran, Nilgiri, and Kangra. These trains have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As if this was less, India also has some of the finest luxury trains in the world including highly popular Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and Maharajas’ Express. Recreating the way royalty used to travel in India, these trains offer guest royal pleasures and incredible journeys through Indian history and culture.

5. Rivers that open doors to heaven

Rivers that open doors to heaven
Indian civilization has a great association with rivers. Worshipped as Goddesses, these rivers are said to open doors of heaven. The mighty rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, Indus, Narmada, Godavari, and Kshipra are some of the popular names.  It is said bathing in the holy waters clear the sins of a lifetime. Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh, on the banks of river Ganges are some sacred places where you must definitely go. You will understand the meaning of life and other secrets of the universe.

6. Beaches for every mood

Beaches for every mood
India has a vast coastline which results in beaches for every mood. There are beaches for parties, for adventures, for solitude, for romance and whatever your heart desires. This is not all, the beaches have golden sands, silvery sand, even black sands, hard rocks, and red rocks strewn with shells. Goa is the most well-known beach heaven. Andaman Islands, Kerala, Karnataka, Lakshadweep islands, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry are some of the other places to visit. Radhanagar Beach in Andaman has been voted the best beach in Asia. Enjoy the play of waves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, adventures and soak in the blessings of the sun. You will never have such a vast range of options of beaches anywhere else in the world.

7. World’s highest mountains

World's highest mountains
World’s highest mountain range, the Himalayas acts like a crown on the head of the country. Though Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world is easily from Nepal, one can enjoy its beauty. The 3rd highest mountain, Mt Kanchenjunga is located in India. There are amazing snowcapped mountains to view and capture on treks. The Nanda Devi, Saltoro Kangri, Saser Kangri, Mamostong Kangri, Rimo, Hardeol being others. Trekking to these peaks is exhilarating.

8. Desert escapades

Desert Safari in India
Thar Desert is located on the western borders of the country. India is perfect for desert escapades. Go on safaris on camels, enjoy sand dune bashing and relive Arabian fairytales. The desert has a way to teach you lessons about life. The difficult landscape has nurtured kindness, hospitably and simplicity in the lives of the people surviving in the desert. Escape the cities and spend few days in the desert. You will feel newfound appreciation for life.

9. Adventure

Adventure in India
Name an adventure activity and you would find it here. India offers a wide variety of adventure sports right from trekking to rafting and paragliding etc. North India, the Himalayas offer great trekking opportunities. South India has beaches and therefore water adventures. The Western Ghats are perfect for relaxed trekking as it has lush beauty and a number of waterfalls. Forest offer thrilling wildlife exploits sky diving. India is truly a paradise for adventure travelers.
Skiing, snowboarding, trekking, paragliding, zorbing and camping are the popular sports in the mountains. Water sports of snorkeling, scuba-diving, surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, river rafting, etc. Extreme sports of paragliding, bungee jumping and skydiving are also available.

10. Religion and Spirituality

Religion and Spirituality in India
India is a secular state. You can find almost all religions here. You can find ancient temples, historic churches, mosques of ancient Mughal dynasties, the Golden temple of Sikhs, monolith statues of Buddha and so on. There are many unique temples here. Do you know that there is a temple that is dedicated to a motorbike in India or one dedicated to a soldier? Uniqueness and interesting things can be found on a daily basis in India, do not miss it.

11. History

History in India
As old as human civilization, India is a lesson on history. There are relics of all ages in the country. If we try to compile recorded history, even then it’s so vast. Each region had an era of Maharajas, dynasties, conquest, architectural brilliance and so much more. India should be your next travel destination because history still lives in the country.

12. Yoga

 Yoga and spiritual
Yoga and spiritual learning is a major draw for visitors in India. There are several ashrams where you can stay and learn the science of Yoga. Learn about the physical postures and sequences (asana), particularly in traditional ashrams, asana is only one aspect of a wider whole. In this case one can expect a greater emphasis on meditation, breathing and cleansing techniques, along with devotional practices such as mantra chanting, tuition in philosophy, and karma yoga (community service).
Rishikesh is considered to be the city where yoga originated. The city on the banks of River Ganga is the perfect location to be benefited with the ancient science.

13. Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient health system that has its roots linked to the Vedic culture of India. The science of life, Ayurveda aims to promote good health of an individual by maintaining a balance between the mind, body, and soul. Ayurveda, the oldest healthcare system in the world, works for the physical, mental and spiritual growth of people. With time, this science of life and longevity has attained much importance in the medical world.
While people can find Ayurveda in every corner of India, Kerala possesses a unique bond with Ayurveda, and practices this health system with utmost dedication. Serene and tranquil environment perfectly complements these practices and add to its positive results.
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14. Festivals

Festivals in India
There are a lot of unique and vibrant festivals in the country. Holi is a festival of play of colors, sweets and music. Kerala’s Onam would present snake boat race, kathakali performance and flower decorations. Tamil Nadu’s Pongal is famous for the bull fight. North India’s Holi is a colorful festival. You can enjoy fireworks on Diwali. Several thousand people march towards Arabian Sea to dissolve their idols of elephant God on Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai and so on. Every festival is very colorful and you can even participate in their celebrations.

15. Shopping

Shopping is one of the major reasons why India should be your travel destination. In one bazaar (market) you can find anything from raw food, clothes, and household items to art and crafts. With a little bit of bargaining and you can have amazing deals.
There are numerous types of shopping centres in India. There is flea market, multi-million dollar malls, street shopping, market on boats and others. The things that you can find in India are numerous and unique. You can find handicrafts, antiques, unique food items and a lot more here. You should be versed in haggling to deal with the street shop owners.

16. Wildlife safari

Wildlife safari
There are a lot of national parks in this country. The best part of each national park is the safari. There are various kinds of safaris like elephant safari, jeep safari, boat safaris and others. You can spot a lot of interesting animals like tiger, lion, Indian sloth and many others along with various avifauna species. If you are visiting in the summer season, you can find animals with their cubs. You can also take up boat safari for enjoy some bird sanctuaries.

17. River and backwater cruises

River and backwater cruises
India is unique and here you can enjoy the unique opportunity of river and backwater cruises. Rivers in India, mainly Brahmaputra, Ganga and Mandovi River in Goa organize river cruises.
Houseboat cruises on the backwaters in Kerala are really unforgettable and wonderful. The houseboats in Kerala differ in terms of size and cater to specific needs of the guests. The present day houseboats are perfect for leisure trips. They come equipped with a range of modern facilities and take care of even the smallest needs of the guests.
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18. Architecture

If incredible architecture is what holds your heart, then come to India, You will be amazed by the temples, forts, caves and various other buildings in India. The most famous edifice is, of course, the mighty Taj Mahal, which is also named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
Each region in the country has stunning and unique architecture. Havelis, forts and palaces of Rajasthan, the Chettinad Mansions, the Dravidian architecture, Islamic designs etc.

19. Tea

Did you know that India produces some of the world’s best tea varieties? Yes, that’s right. Jorhat in Assam is one of the world’s largest exporters of tea. The Darjeeling region is world-famous for its tea plantations, which are both gorgeous and offer delicious tea! Nilgiri tea produced in Ooty, Coonoor are not far behind on the list of tea destinations.
And, of course, the sweet Chai Tea, which has become a worldwide known tea. You might have tried it, but I promise that it’s even better here in India, it is a daily ritual among many Indians.

20. Live like a King in their Homes

Live like a King in their Homes
Live like a king in their homes. Many royal residences, ancient family homes, forts and places soaked in history have been converted into luxury holiday homes. These heritage hotels let guests savor a piece of history during their stay. Several royal forts, havelis, and holiday homes all around the country were converted into hotels and resorts. As time wheeled in the direction of development and luxury, these accommodation options gained popularity and gradually became some of the best haunts for luxury and history seekers.

21. Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, India makes its mark on the international list. Parties, gambling, bustling pubs, clubs, night markets and so much more. Places like Goa, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Delhi, etc. comes to life as the sun sets. Partake in the nighttime activities. Have drinks, dance to the tunes of music the entire night or spend your time wooing your lady luck at the casinos.

22. Untold Luxury

Untold Luxury
Luxury is a specialty of Indian holidays. Guests are treated as divine beings and you can be assured to enjoy a vacation of untold luxury. 5 star properties are available in every region of India. These hotels are known for lavish rooms, royal restaurants, pampering spa saloons, and other pleasures. If you are still thinking why India should be your next travel destination, then we say it’s for untold luxuries at a cost that is not extremely heavy on your pocket.

23. Spices

Spices grow abundantly in India. The weather is prefect for growing all spices. The first recorded travelers, traders and conquest in India were done for the spices. Kerala is known for its spice plantations where you can learn about the harvesting, their benefits and also buy some to take as souvenirs. These spices not only add flavor to food but are used for medicinal purposes.

24. Performing Arts & Music

Performing Arts & Music
Music and dance has been a part of Indian culture since centuries. There are many different and diverse forms. The classical dance and music is inspired from mythology. The folk music and dance are different in the mountains, different in rural Punjab or Bengal and in South India. Devotional, entertaining or limited for festivals, you must India and witness these spectacular forms of arts and music.

25. Spectacular Natural Beauty

Spectacular Natural Beauty
Last but not the least, India is blessed with spectacular beauty. You must make India your next travel destination because, in one country you can experience snow covered mountains, lush hills, a desert, a cold desert, beaches, backwaters, forest, a salt desert and so much more. Imagine a valley full of flowers or an eerie landscape of while desert as far as the eye can see, a network of waters. The natural beauty possessed by India is so far one of the best in the world.
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