Today you might wake up to find yourself rolling through verdant landscapes and lush fields as Maharajas Express approaches Varanasi

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Maharajas’ Express: Colors of Classical India Tours Part V – Sitting area of presidential suite

Welcome to the 5th day of your Classical India journey on board Maharajas Express, one of the most suave luxury trains in India. Today is the day for spirituality as you connect to your inner being, a journey to the very depth of your soul for a spiritual awakening. Your breakfast will be served on board before you embark on a local sightseeing tour of the city.

Varanasi is a bedazzling amalgamation of chaos and sacred. With a history 3000 years old, this sacred Hindu city is famous for its Ghats, Banarasi Silk, vibrant colors, animated bazaars and places of religious importance. Associated with great saint Kabir, Varanasi presents one of the most secular pictures of Indian religious tolerance and coexistence.

Your tour to Varanasi will begin with a sightseeing excursion to Sarnath, the place from where Buddha gave his first sermons to his devotees expounding the tenets of Buddhism. Sarnath is dotted with ancient ruins, Stupas and iconic Ashok Pillar. Four lions sculpted on the pillar has been adopted as the national emblem of India.

After a sumptuous lunch on board, you will be taken to Varanasi Silk Weaving Center. These silks are what have made the saris and brocades of Benares a rage not only in India but around the world. From here you will move on to explore the Ghats of holy Ganges and a river cruise. Witness a most remarkable and enlightening experience as you soak in the sight of evening aarti performed by the Ghats.
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Maharajas’ Express: Colors of Classical India Tours Part V – Spiritualily in Varanasi
Entire surroundings reverberate with chants and sound of cymbals and drums to appease gods and the air itself become redolent with incense and sandalwood fragrance.

A most charming sight is presented by the blazing camphor lamps filling up the expanse of the river and flowing with the wave. The sheer magic conjured up by the evening aarti event is almost sublime experience which will leave you spellbound.

After spending an enriching day in Varanasi, you will return on board to continue on your Classical India tour itinerary. Your journey is now drawing to its climax as the train will chug towards the “City of Nawabs” Lucknow, which will be mark the conclusion of your journey before Maharajas Express sees you off in Delhi comparable to some of the best rail journeys in world.