Maharajas’ Express Classical India Journeys

After the first day in Agra, the Classical India tour on board Maharajas Express then takes you to its next destination, Gwalior. Savor the site of the rolling ravines of Chamba associated with some of the most notorious dacoits of India as you chug along your luxury train trip . Even as you’ll have breakfast on board the train, behold the sight of landscape interspersed with verdant fields and sandy mounds painting a fascinating canvas bringing out a mélange of captivating colors and landscapes.

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Maharajas’ Express: Colors of Classical India Tours Part II – Rang Mahal Restaurant

The train will reach Gwalior in late morning on the 2nd day of the journey. Gwalior has seen many a ruler at its helm. With the power shifting from Tomars to Mughals then on to Marathas and later on to British, Gwalior is an amalgam of various tradition and cultural influences. Upon your arrival late in the morning at Gwalior, you will be taken to Usha Kiran Palace, an erstwhile palace converted into heritage 5 star hotel and managed by the Taj Group. The hotel, which has played host to King Edward of England, is set amidst 9 acres of verdant landscape. With a history 120 years old and the newly infused panache of 5 star hotel, guests are ensured a gourmet dining experience with cuisines from around the world available to delight their taste buds during this stage of their Classical India journey on board Maharajas Express.

After a sumptuous lunch at the Usha Kiran Palace, guests will be accompanied to the sightseeing tour of this medieval city with expert guides. The destination is Gwalior Fort which will delight you with its many facets attributed to the number of times it has witnessed the power shift during its age old history of existence. The fort is home to a number of historical buildings which include Man Mandir, Gurjari Mahal cum Museum, Teli ka Mandir and Sas-Bahu Temple. Other thing of interest includes 21 vast Jain sculpture depicting the Jain ‘tirthankaras’. Exquisite carvings, embellishment with the use of calligraphy, lapidaries and latticework add to the grandeur and elegance of the colossal Gwalior Fort.

Your crescendo of the second day’s grand exploration of Classical India journey is reached when you are served the royal spread of the finest cuisines from Royal Kitchen in the sprawling lawns of the Palace itself. Optionally, one may also choose to rejuvenate and reenergize by choosing the alternative of spa at the hotel. The Jiva Spa is renowned for its invigorating therapeutic massages suffused with ancient wisdom of Indian healing which includes Ayurveda and Vedanta.

Thus concludes the second day of the classical India tour itinerary with Maharajas Express, one of the most luxurious tourist trains in India. A grand day with royal treatment, impeccable service, gourmet dining and fascinating journey to the fort comes to a close. The train will leave for Orchha and Khajuraho which are next in the line of this imperial luxury train journey.

P.S: The details of the 3rd day of your Classical India journey will continue in our next post or you may refer to for quick information, reviews and practical information regarding Maharajas Express.