Maharajas’ Express Classical India Journeys

Welcome to the 3rd day of your Classical India journey with Maharajas Express. After a good night’s sleep in the pampering salons of the Maharajas Express you will wake in the morning as the train continues on its regal odyssey through scenic landscape onto discover and explore the hidden treasure troves of Orchha, an eponymous princely state in the region of Bundelkhand.

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Maharajas’ Express: Colors of Classical India Tours Part III – Elegant junior suites

After a breakfast on board, you will be taken on a sightseeing tour of this nowhere kingdom whose chattris and forts fight out with encroaching jungle to recount their tale of antiquity. A city frozen in time, Orchha is sprinkled with palaces, temples and chhatris by the bank of Betwa River, crumbling yet standing testimony to an age of grandeur and glory.

Even as you approach Jahangiri Mahal you’ll notice the amalgam of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The legend associated with this 3 storied structure with hanging terraces and domed apartment has it that it was named after the Mughal Emperor Jahangir who had Kingdom of Orchha returned to Bir Singh, then king of the kingdom. Also included in today’s sightseeing excursion is a visit to ornate temples and Chattris or cenotaphs draped along Betwa River. After exploring the architectural wealth and heritage of this medieval kingdom, you will return to Maharaja Express to continue your Classical India journey.

A sumptuous lunch will be served to you at the two aesthetically appointed, suave restaurants of Maharajas Express even as this Indian luxury train will embark towards Khajuraho, next destination of classical India tour.

Khajuraho’s enduring icons are the erotic sculpture adorning the outer façade of the temples. Said to represent the various moods as exhorted by the renowned text of Indian antiquity – The Kamasutra – these sculpture are topic of various debate as to their interpretation. This classical period temples at Khajuraho are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their immense cultural significance. These temples, built during the peak of Chandela dynasty between 950 and 1050 AD, are creative masterworks representing the elements of Indo-Aryan architecture.

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Maharajas’ Express: Colors of Classical India Tours Part III – Lakshmana Temple at Khajuraho

There are three groups of temple in Khajuraho. Western Group, the first where guests of Maharajas Express will be taken, represents the finest and most well preserved temples dedicated chiefly to Lord Shiva, a major Hindu god. After exploring the exquisitely carved and sculpted temples of the Western Groups, you will move on to the Eastern Group of Temples which include several intricately carved Jain Temples.

The stunning stone carving evident in these temples is simply enamoring and are a reminder of the power of human imagination, creativity and sheer will to come up with such brilliant work of art.

Later as a part of Classical India tour itinerary, you will be a part of a mesmerizing light and sound show which will lead you through the passage of time and history to illumine the rich heritage of Khajuraho Group of Monuments and Chandela dynasty. For the dinner, you will be taken back to Maharajas Express and can relax yourself overnight until you reach the next destination.

Alternatively, you may also choose to skip the son et lumiere arranged for in the evening for a refreshing spa session at a 5 star hotel. As the third day of this enchanting Classical India tour draws to a close, relax and recuperate in the pampering of your plush cabins as Maharajas Express, one of the most opulent luxury trains in India chugs along to the next destination of this elegant journey which will be a break from the usual excursions experienced till now.

Day 4 of your regal journey may let you come face to face with the royal predator itself as you go for a wildlife excursion in Bandhavgarh National Park which has boasts of having the highest tiger density in the world.

P.S: The details of the 4th day of your Classical India journey will continue in our next post or you may refer to Indian Luxury Trains for quick information, reviews and updates regarding Maharajas Express.