Maharajas’ Express Classical India Journeys

Welcome to the 4th day of your Classical India Tour on board Maharaja Express making up for one of the most exclusive holidays in India. Today is your day of adventure in Bandhavgarh National Park. This wildlife sanctuary has the highest density of tigers in the world. It is also said that you’d be really unlucky to miss spotting tiger during your wildlife safari. Visiting this tiger reserve is one of the most thrilling experiences during vacations in India.

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You will be served your breakfast on board the comforts of refined restaurants of the train. Alternatively you may also choose to have it in privacy of your cabin. As the trains rolls into Umaria gear up for an exciting day of wildlife excursion into Bandhavgarh National Park, the erstwhile hunting ground of Maharajas of Rewa.

In store for you today is a cultural tour to a village offering you an opportunity to participate in “Forests for Tigers” program. The program will orient you with the various activities going on to conserve and revive the wildlife in the park. You will also meet with wildlife artists and joined by a forest conservationist during your lunch in a jungle resort.

Embark on a jeep safari and explore the vivid flora and fauna of this park. The park is home not only to tigers, but Antelopes, langurs, sloth bears and a variety of avifauna species. In all there are over 37 species of mammals, 230 species of birds and 70 species of butterflies to discover in this bio-diverse reserve.

After your safari which will let you appreciate the diversity and beauty of this wildlife sanctuary, you will return to Umaria to board Maharajas Express and continue on your Classical Indian Tour. A gourmet dining experience will be in store for you at the two aesthetically appointed restaurants of the train. The train will leave for its next destination Varanasi later in the night.

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Varanasi or Benares is one of the most ancient continually inhabited cities in the world and the most sacred site of Hindu in the world. Tomorrow a spiritual journey and excursions into depth of your soul waits as you’ll explore this city of thousand temples and Bathing Ghats by the banks of Holy Ganges, where aarti is performed and is the most enduring icon of Varanasi. For the night relax and recuperate in the plush interiors of Maharajas Express, one of the most elegant luxury trains in India.