Welcome to the penultimate day of your Classical India tour on board Maharajas Express. After a spiritual sojourn in Varanasi, today you will explore the medieval boulevards of Lucknow city suffused with nostalgia of a bygone era. Referred to as “the City of Nawabs” Lucknow rose into prominence as home to Nawabs of Oudh (Awadh). Nawabs of Lucknow were in control of North Central India for a century as the Mughal Empire dwindled. Today will also mark the climax of this luxury train tours across select destinations in India on board Maharajas Express.

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Gourmet lunch and breakfast are served in refined Rang Mahal restaurant on board Maharajas Express

In the morning, the train will chug along the lush landscapes of the agricultural belts of Uttar Pradesh. Observe the landscape spool weaving a colorful canvas of the panorama even as you’ll have your delicious breakfast served to you in the plush restaurants of Maharajas Express. Late in the morning, the train will pull into this magical “City of Nawabs” and an exciting day of local sightseeing will begin shortly.

First on the ‘to do’ list of today’s excursions is a visit to Residency. Walk down the history lane as you retrace the footsteps of the turbulent relations of Nawabs of Lucknow and officers of the East India Company which saw the annexation of the territory in 1856 by Lord Dalhousie and revolt of the people of Lucknow when the mutiny of 1857 broke out. Residency stands testimony to both the glory of and decimation of Awadh Court and East India Company in Lucknow with an array of museums and relics of past which lie scattered in ruins.

Next on today’s sightseeing agenda will be a visit to Rumi Darwaaza and Bada Imambara. Rumi Darwaza is often regarded as symbol of Lucknow. Stucco ornamented and standing tall, this grand structure is said to be copied from an entrance to Constantinople. Stately processions of both the Nawabs and colonists and their retinue passed through this spectacular archway in days of Awadh’s glory.

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Bada Imambara in Lucknow one of the first and largest Imambaras of the city

Next on the itinerary of your classical India tour is a visit to Bada Imambara, the first and the largest Imambaras in Lucknow. This is a spectacular monument where Nawab Asfaddullah and his relatives lie interred in their cenotaphs. Bhul Bhuliya, built to distribute the immense weight of the structure is a famous attraction and leads to a vaulted roof below and offers panoramic view.

After your sightseeing, you will return to Maharajas Express to have a sumptuous lunch. Relax on board and return later in the evening to the highlight of Lucknow tour where you will get to relive the mythical days of Nawabs. A traditional Awadhi evening will be recreated for you where you will get a glimpse of the lives, art and culture of the Nawab era in Lucknow. Music, dance and gourmet cuisines straight from the kitchens of Nawab will light up the grand finale of your Classical India tour.

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Relax and unwind in the comfort of Rajah Lounge or just observe the panorama and engage in light conversation.

Train will chug along from Lucknow and reach Delhi in the morning of the seventh day of Classical India journey. Following a handsome breakfast, bid adieu to this one of the most luxurious train journeys not just in India but in world. This journey will leave you with fond memories and enrich your understanding and appreciation of classical heritage and culture of India. Thus end the 7 days of Classical India tour on board Maharajas Express.