Amarnath Yatra is one of the religious journeys, which is regarded of great significance in Hindu religion. This year yatra has been scheduled from 27th June 2022 to 11th August 2022 (tentative date). So in this post you can find some of the important tips to prepare for Amarnath Yatra in 2022.

Amarnath Yatra
Amarnath Yatra – The most sacred and ancient cave temple of Lord Shiva.

Legend of Amarnath Yatra:

Legends also say that before revealing the secret, Lord Shiva asked Rudra to destroy all forms of life around the Amarnath cave, just to prevent the secret of immortality for eavesdrop.But, there was a pair of pigeon, inside the cave, that heard the secret of creation & immortality (Amar Katha). Henceforth, the caves acquired its name ‘Amarnath’.

The Amarnath Cave beholds great religious significance. This is said to be the place where Baba Bholenath Shankar told the Amar Katha to Maa Parvati. The religious site is also praised for a moral awakening.


It is important for the pilgrims and visitors to know about the preparations of the Amarnath Yatra. Medical certificate is a must before taking the arduous journey. Moreover, the authorities also take care of various preparations like water availability and uninterrupted power supply. The route is also maintained in simplifying the level of arduous religious trail.

Medical Fitness for Amarnath Yatra:

As the pilgrim destination is situated on high altitudes, the health of the Yatris is very important. In case of any health ailment, do not consider to proceed with the strenuous journey. It is advisable to get a thorough check-up by authorized physician around 3 months prior to the date of yatra. Yatris suffering with ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac disease, or similar health issues are advised not to undertake the journey.

Additionally, it is also advised to carry a medical kit along. In the kit make sure you carry all necessary medicines for health issues such as common pains, stomach upsets, ointments, sprain sprays, etc.

Documents during Amarnath Yatra:

It is important to note that the Yatris need to obtain various essential documents ready and submitted to the respective authority to ensure a convenient yatra. Compulsory Health Certificate from the Doctor is to be submitted along with the registration fee at the registration counters. In addition to this, the Yatris also need to acquire the permit that would help in clearing the check points at Domel (via Baltal) and Chandanwari (via Pahalgam).

Foods & Accommodation:

Carry some packets of eatables with a long shelf life. Such as biscuits, peanut butter, dry fruits, fruits, chocolates, candies, sugar, chocolate, milk powder, honey, and tinned foods. These eatables will help in keeping the energy level high. It is to be noted that Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.

Special Advice for Amarnath Yatris:

Every year, the government of Jammu & Kashmir arranges the religious journey in the months between June and August.

Here are a few simple notes for travelers:

  • Do not trek alone. Try to move in groups. Also make sure people moving ahead you and behind you in your sight.
  • Be helpful. Provide help to your fellow yatris.
  • There are Lavatories/urinals installed in the camps and en-route the Amaranth Cave for the use of Yatris.
  • Pilgrims are advised to carry warm clothes and insect repellents.
  • Pilgrims have to follow certain rules & regulations as set by the organizing committee. These rules and regulations are imposed only to ascertain smooth journey.

Routes for Amarnath Yatra:

Pahalgam to Amarnath Cave – This is the traditional route to reach the Amarnath Cave. The route from Pahalgam goes via Chandanwari, Pissu Top, Sheshnag, and Panchtarni. Chandanwari is the check point, where the yatris have to present the permit to go further for the religious journey.

Baltal to Amarnath Cave – This is the alternate route opted by yatris to reach the Amarnath Cave. The route goes via Domel and Barari. Dome is the check point, where the yatris have to present the permit to go further for the religious journey.

How to Reach:

Srinagar is the nearest airport to reach Amarnath. If traveling by rail, Jammu is the nearest railway station to reach Amarnath. Pahalgam or Baltal are the two nodal points from where the religious journey to the Sri Amarnath Ji Shrine begins.To reach the Amarnath Cave, pilgrim could choose from two options that are available of this pilgrimage. One is through trekking on foot and yet another is to reach Amarnath Yatra by helicopter which is more suited to the elderly and families with kids.

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How to do it:
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