Budgetary concerns while travelling is something that we’ve all had to face during our trips. Going for a trip can be costly. Food, accommodation and travel, these tend to occupy a significant part of our budget. In cases where your trip lasts for a few days, the need for cost-cutting presents itself as a greater necessity.

It’s essential therefore, that you follow some tips and take some measures that allow you to save money even while enjoying every part of your trip. This involves becoming aware of your spending habits while reducing, or trying to eliminate, any kind of wasteful expenditure. This blog acquaints you with 12 tips for saving money while travelling.

Tips for Saving Money While Travelling

1. Choose a budget friendly destination

Always choose a destination which does not put a dent in your pocket and allows you to spend your money in other activities which you have been looking forward to during your vacation. Choose a destination which is budget friendly and allows you to have a great time rather than leaving you with simply regrets.

2. Carry your own food

It’s always good to pack your food while travelling, because the food which you carry will serve you will at least for the first few days. This will cut your food expenses and is especially important if the food of the place you are travelling to goes against your taste.

3. Avoid over-tipping

Resist the urge to tip the waiter after every meal. After all, you have your budget to look after. Usually, restaurants and other eateries include the service charges in the bill, which basically means that the waiter has been rewarded for his services. You don’t have to go a step further!

4. Eat the local street food

While traveling to a particular country, go ahead and try the local street food of a country. Besides getting acquainted with the taste of the locals, it’s extremely cheap. Street food outlets are where you are likely to overhear and participate in some interesting conversations!

5. Find free activities

Most of the cities you travel to will have free walking tours. Participating in them is a great way of exploring the city. Several places offer free classes, be they Yoga, or dance. Apart from these, you always have the option of visiting museums and art galleries, most of which require no entry or ticket fee.

6. Be a hiker

The best way of keeping fit while travelling is hiking. Sometimes, you might have to pay a nominal free for entering a national park or private land, but that’s about it. In doing so, you will also come across spectacular views. In other words, hiking provides you the benefits of health and entertainment.

7. Find a nice lookout

Sometimes, the best attraction in a city is the one that provides outstanding views. Things only get better when many of these places are free to visit. At times, you will witness the most spectacular sunsets of your life in one of these free to visit places.

8. Do your own laundry

Of course, you will still be unable to wash the bulkier items that your carry. However, lighter clothes, such as undergarments, t shirts and socks can always be washed by yourself using your own, or the hotel soap. Just carry a travel clothesline with you, and you can set your clothes to dry.

9. Learn the art of bargaining

Bargaining is an art which you should try to excel at when travelling in India. The more you bargain, the more you save. Whether you are using public transport or buying an item from one of the merchandise shops, the art of bargaining will go a long way in making your trip quite economical.

10. Choose budget hotels over expensive ones

After all, you just need a place to rest your head after a hard day, right? Why throw away your money on luxurious accommodations when all you need is a decent place to rest and sleep after all that travelling. Money saved here can be spent in other important activities.

11. Be transport savvy

Research is the most important thing when choosing to be transport savvy. You could walk instead of taking the taxi or catching the local bus. One way is finding accommodation in town and walking to the restaurants and shops, rather than taking public transport. When you have to take public transport, choose buses over airlines.

12. Remember splurge sometimes tough

Always remember that travelling is about enjoying yourself and having incredible experiences. Do not feel guilty on splurging on activities which you have looked forward to for a long time. It’s all about enjoying every second of your travel adventure.

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