Travel Tips for Smart Luxury Travelers

A traveler’s job is to grab more and more experiences of new destinations and places. This motivation of the wanderlust can be well satisfied if he were to follow certain guidelines or we would say some tips in his course of traveling. Luxury traveling, which we in this blog of ours is focusing, need not to be always associated with an expensive tour; provided if you are not a smart traveler.

Travel Tips for Smart Luxury Travelers
If you are not one of those and love to play smart, then you can actually save a lot in your next luxury travel. Mentioned below is a list of travel tips which can definitely lead you to be a smart luxury traveler.
  • Jet lags are quite common and after a long journey onboard, it gets very much habitual for many travelers to develop such a condition. Thus, in a situation like this, avoid going out at the night and instead take a good night sleep as per the time zone you are in.
  • While packing your luggage, do not put your name and address on the tag it carries with itself. Instead rely on your phone number and the postal code.
  • As you get onboard be very much alert about the costs that are occurring because it is quite common for anyone to lose an update on that.
  • It is always good to have your passport renewed as many countries are under the regulation of keeping their tourists for more days.
  • Before visiting any new destination or a holiday spot, make sure you keep a list of the must visit attractions and the things to do. It will help you cover every of the attraction.
  • In order to keep your clothes free from crease, keep a spray bottle of water in your luggage. Use it to rinse the clothes and let it dry in the open.
  • Make use of popular websites to get yourself the best hotel or accommodation deal. ‘Hotels Combined’ can be of very much help
  • If you have a newly bought memory card for your digital camera, make sure to keep a selfie of you saved in it.
  • One of the important things that a smart traveler would never head on without it is an extra photocopy of the passport and a scanned digital copy of it in your email.
  • If your holiday plan includes touring United Kingdom, then keep in mind that the national museums and galleries over there are free of cost to visit.
  • Make use of mobile apps like Momondo, Expedia and Skyscanner to get excellent flight deals. Expedia is also helpful in the case of hotels and accommodations.
  • Although it is advised you must not forget adapters and chargers at home, but if you do so, you can ask for it at the hotel reception for they usually have a spare.
  • Tourists travelling with pet dogs can look for small luxury hotels that offers numerous dog-friendly options.
  • Don’t try to be funny or jovial with the immigration or border control staff for they are not the kind to be humorous with. Just get on with the proceedings straight away.
  • It is a point to understand that different airlines have different names appointed for different class of cabins. They might have names like World Traveler Plus, Premium Voyage and economy comfort, so go research well through these options before you make your purchase.
  • Keep your eyes open for bumper sales at boutique and premium hotels.
  • Other than looking at the website of the hotel, go through different travel agent websites. Such websites will give you a sure better offer in choosing an accommodation.
  • Try to keep your expenses at the minimum during the flight and the journey. So that you can spend with open hands at the destination. Enjoy the city attractions, go on the outskirts. For instance, British countryside includes some of the most wonderful places to visit; you can make your big expenses over there.
  • If you are a fan of a particular airline, sign up for their newsletters. In this way, you will never be away from the news of any sale or special offer.
  • Lavish lounges that you see at the airport are not only for first class passengers, but for other travelers as well. One can buy meals and drinks over there at cost-effective rates.
  • While renting accommodation, keep a check on the hidden charges that are not covered under the price tag. These charges are mainly service costs which would normally be absent on the website.
  • In order to save on different tours, city attractions and restaurant, always check the Groupon deals on the country you are planning to visit.
  • If travelling to a foreign country, learn some translations of words like Thankyou, sorry and please. This can help you in many situations.
  • One must consider the option of shorter trips as sometimes they prove more reliable than the longer ones. Many travel companies have started with arranging their trips in in this way.
  • Sometimes we ask for a little arrangement or a special treatment with an excuse of a wedding anniversary or a birthday. No need to do that, simply ask, as they would be more than happy to do that.
  • Before leaving your hotel, make sure you have the name and address of the hotel clearly in your mind. If you can’t do so, take their business card so that you can catch a taxi or cab easily to return back.
  • If you are in for some major expenses at your trip, make sure you inform your credit company before in hand about the same.
  • Keeping the contact information of your embassy while traveling abroad is a sure sign of a smart traveler.
  • If you can adjust little bit of comfort for the luxuries of a lavish hotel stay, do opt for a low budget airline, as it will help you save your precious money for the hotel.
  • There are some credit card companies which offer people certain benefits while they travel. There lies the situation of collecting miles/points for a hotel loyalty program or an airline you wish to choose.
  • During the time of overcrowding of the airline, don’t hurry to switch to another one. Wait for the compensation that would be offered to you.
  • One can always leave toiletries at home, for the hotels provide them absolutely free of cost.
  • Many restaurants in Italy are known to offer certain discounts during lunch time. So, if you are vacationing over there, have your meal around that time.
  • Amongst the best ways to save money on a holiday, we suggest the loyalty programs of various companies. It includes flight journeys, hotel stays and even cruise trips.
  • Before booking a hotel room for yourself, make sure you cross check the reviews, blogs and posts on a number of websites. Star ratings are not enough.
  • If you want a high end luxury vacation, countries like Dubai, Mauritius, Bali, Bora Bora and the Maldives can bring the best of that, for they are renowned for the same.
  • Besides, luxury is not only confined to the lands. One can simply book a cruise tour that would be pampering you with its high end luxury service as you move alongside, exploring new destinations.
  • New at a destination and completely unaware about the food joints/restaurants, rely upon the suggestions given by your hotel concierge. They will direct you to the best locations in the town.
  • Rather than enjoying the luxuries of an accommodation, one can just stay in a private room at a hostel or dormitory and spend on the best spas and gourmet cuisines.
  • Definitions of a luxury travel can be different for many of us. It can be a super comfortable accommodation, a premium airline journey or the rich experiences that you get on your vacation. Clear your definition in your head before the journey and make the arrangements as per your priorities.
  • An insurance cover is always helpful on a long vacation. There are many stories of tourists caught in the web of paying excess amount of bills on a holiday.
  • Different hotel websites generate promo codes in their dealings. A smart traveler would always make use of these codes to get himself the best buy.
  • One must travel safe at all costs. Even though a luxury travel is high on comfort, it cannot promise a safe travel. For this, you need to be on guard for yourself and your belongings.
  • Tourists who wish for luxury travel need not to restrict themselves to premium hotels and accommodations. Try Glamping for a change; you will not be disappointed at all.
  • To get the cheapest flight, make a comparison of rates at various sites on the web.
  • Checking-in between 4 pm and 6 pm can certainly increase your chances of a hotel upgrade.
  • To get an upgrade in the flight journey, don’t depend on luck. Instead, get it done in advance. There are many airlines who provide such options. Virgin Atlantic being one of them.
  • One of the most essential qualities of a smart traveler is that it has the element of flexibility in its schedule. The more you will be flexible or adjusting towards choosing travel destinations, the more you are likely to get yourself the best deal.
  • As you would be booking an accommodation for yourself or your people, keep a mindful of any big event or conference going on or scheduled to happen in that area. If this would be the situation, you are most likely to get a hike in the rates of the accommodation.
  • Traveling is all about gaining new experiences. So, when on a vacation at a new place, do not refrain   yourself from trying out new cuisines. To connect with the local culture, eat where the locals do and have what they are having.

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