Travelling alone is what sounds terrible at the first go but, it is something which everyone must go for at least once in their lifetime. While for some, travelling alone is horrifying, for others it is an opportunity to take back a lifetime experience. A solo trip promises you with a unique experience where you get to travel with a complete different outlook and also, with some beautiful time all with yourself. Honestly, a solo trip changes you; it makes you a different person altogether, where you become more responsible, alert and confident.
 Solo Travel in India
With its diverse culture and heritage, India promises a great trip to everyone. Be its art, culture, literature or music, everything in this country is enough to entice tourists to pay a visit over here. From Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the South, tourists have different options when it comes to paying a visit to some tourist destination. So, for those who are planning their solo trip to India, we have listed some essential tips which must be taken into account while travelling to India.

Complete preparations for the worst

No. This is not because you are likely to face the worst in this country, but because it is best to prepare this way in case of a solo trip. Make sure you carry copies of all your important documents including passport, air/rail tickets, ID card, travel insurance and other important documents while travelling. Also, ensure that you have scanned copies of these documents with you in your phone, tablet or laptop. This further becomes a key benefit in case you lose your documents and helps you get new copies of them in this case. Share all key details such as hotel name and bank account numbers. Do share an emergency contact number with them so that they know you are safe.

Do follow the dress code

Before your trip, do some research work on the local wear of the country and mainly of the places where you plan to visit. After completing the research work, make sure you pack your bags accordingly. It is best to dress according to the dressing guidelines of the country in order to avoid any issues or embarrassment while travelling.

Say no-no to free stuff

Be it any place, when you travel to a new destination; make sure that you do not take any stuff like drinks or food items from any stranger. You may be offered this stuff with a wrong intention. If you are not comfortable which eating at any restaurant or joint, you can always rush back to your hotel and dine in your room after asking them for this service.

Maintain distance with strangers

Make sure you do not over indulge while talking to any stranger. Never share your important details like your accommodation, travel plans or phone numbers. Be alert whenever you are talking to a stranger. Maintain that distance and make strangers know that you are not alone and are confident enough to face anything.

Get familiar with local words and phrases

This is a key tip when you are travelling alone to an all new place. If not other barriers, language may create a trouble for you. In order to avoid any issue which you may face because of the language problem, it is best to learn some common words and phrases which are used in the country. This will help you in communicating with the locals when you face any problem while travelling.

Be alert, carry cash and luggage carefully

It is your sole responsibility to take care of your cash and luggage. While travelling in train or buses, make sure that you never leave your luggage unattended. Your luggage requires extra attention when it is taken in or out the airport or the railway station. If your trip is a long one, make sure you do not carry any expensive items such as jewelry. Also, it would be better if you don’t carry a lot of cash with you. In place of using cash, you can always use credit/debit cards when there is a need to make a major payment such as hotel bill or travelling expenses.So, here we conclude, if you plan a solo trip to India do keep in mind the tips which are listed above. To enjoy the trip to its best, ensure that you plan everything properly well in advance so that you have a smooth and lovely solo trip. Now, you are all ready to pack your bags and visit Incredible India!

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