This year, you have plans to travel more and more as you have realized what a wonderful idea it is to explore the world, creating lifetime memories. However, you are confused so as to where your next vacation should be? There are certain basis on which we decide our destination of vacation and, time and budget are two very important criteria. A successful vacation requires a proper planning, ensuring that the conditions of budget, interest and time are fulfilled.
The blog enlists certain tips on how to choose a travel destination:

Interest / Purpose

Do you wish to visit a volcano or wish to spot a komodo dragon, it is not possible at all the places. What you really wish to experience and explore, is probably the most important feature in deciding the place that you are going to visit. This becomes all the more important, if you have interests that are really unique.
Ponder upon what is going to be the general theme of your vacation, as in are you going with your family, is this a vacation with your friends and you wish to indulge in adventure activities, are you searching for a romantic destination to visit with your partner, or is this vacation simply for relaxing after long time of tiring office work? Or you may be you are one of those who just wishes to visit the globe, meet the new people and savor sumptuous delicacies of popular world cuisines.
The purpose of the trip and your interest is very important. Look for the company you will be travelling for, your children, spouse or your friends.

Budget / Cost of your vacation

Most of the time, we chart out a budget for our vacation, after taking all the tentative expenses into consideration. For instance, if you ready to spend one thousand dollars on your accommodation, you are going to get far better options in Southeast Asia instead of Hawaii, and that too for a longer duration. Everything now depends on your preference and pocket. However, travelling to some place during their off-season is going to save a lot of your money due to discounts being offered.
There are websites, such as, which contains the analysis of the average costs of several destinations, done at one place, taking into account some real expenses. This gives a general idea of the expenses that you are going to incur during your vacation.

Time of your holiday / Time on your hands

After you jot down names of some destinations in your list, just do little research and look for any public holidays, festivals or other events fall during the time when you are planning your vacation. During such times, it might happen that main attractions are closed, markets would be shut and even public transport would either be too busy or would be shut.
However, there is another side to this. If you are a cultural aficionado and you like to experience new rituals and traditional of other people, the time of festivities would be the best for you. A little research never hurts. Thus, you can alter the time of your vacation accordingly. You can postpone or advance your vacation.
Another thing is the time that you have on your hands. If you somewhere around 1 weeks’ time, you might not want to waste too much time travelling to arrive at your destinations. But, if you have around 15 days and more, the world is yours.


Not looking for the weather condition during the course of your holidays can actually become a real trouble. Weather is an important factor in choosing the destination where you are going to visit. Before you make a plan to visit a particular destination, check its weather during that time so that your plan is not spoiled.
For instance, you rounded off on having a beach vacation with your family at Davao City in Philippines, in the month of June. You reach there and what you see is only water all around. Little did you know that this is the rainy season here it rains consistently without a break. You are now going to spend time only in your hotel room.


If you are not really into the idea of learning a need language just for a vacation, do try to know whether the people of the destination that are travelling, know your language or not. For instance, try to visit English-speaking nations such as New Zealand and Canada. You might not like to talk with just a smile or in sign language.

Family / Acquaintance Connections

If you are planning to visit a destination where you family, friends or acquaintance stay, you can think about staying with them. This is going to save a lot of money of yours that you were about to pay for accommodation. The money that you saved can be used on some memorable excursion or on at a popular fine-dining restaurant that was earlier on your list. Additionally, they may also enlighten you about some hidden gems of that place that not many people know about.
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