Time travel into future may well be the Next most luxurious experience

In previous posts, we talked about world’s most expensive package which is there for the taking. It made us wonder if anything could come in future to beat that. Space travel is already on the offer so what could it be that could beat the most expensive luxury tour package in the world? Well, our vote goes to time travel.
time travel
Traveling forward in time may well be the next big thing to happen in luxury travel niche
So is it possible to travel in time?
The answer to this question is that yes, traveling forward in time (to see the future) is indeed possible. So why isn’t it done?
To travel forward in time requires that you are moving at a speed which is equal to or greater than the speed of light. The reason you could not travel forward in time our scientists are yet to find a way to attain that kind of momentum.
Traveling forward in time at a faster rate than you are used to is a simple matter of traveling at, or near, the speed of light.  As you approach the speed of light, time will slow down for you, meaning it will speed up for the rest of us.
If you leave the earth at a speed that is close to the speed of light, keep traveling for some time and travel back and reached earth. During your travel assume that you just spent 5 birthdays in your spaceship, then you would find upon returning that everyone other than you had aged 50 years during what was just 5 years for you.
Going backwards is much more theoretical than going forward, but it’s easy to imagine if you can wrap your brain around the idea that time is just another dimension.
Although Einstein’s theory allows for travel back into time, scientists all agree that in theory, it should only be possible to travel back to the point when the first time machine was created.
What this would mean that if time travel machine are to be built today to take us into future, time travelers from the future would be able to visit us. So readers what do you think?
Do you think time traveling will become reality in near future? Leave us your comments.