Man is a social animal. He loves socializing and traveling gives him a great opportunity to reach out to various parts of the world to learn about various cultures and lifestyle. India being rich in varied culture and heritage, traveling to various parts of India makes an interesting and informative study. The best option to travel the length and breadth of India would be to opt for train journey. Indian railways network is huge covering almost all parts of the nation and hence, it is naturally the top favorite for the traveling lot. People prefer traveling by train more than by flight and bus.

Duronto Express by Nikhil
Indian Railways Photograph

Railway Tracks Wins In Its Race with Road and Air

  • Traveling by air has its own benefits. One could reach the destination faster and where time is the key factor, air might be the best route. As far as bus journey is concerned, people opt for buses whenever they need to reach a place, which does not have a railway station. Another reason for preferring bus is that bus services are more and hence one need not worry about missing a bus, as there will always be another in a few minutes. If one does not get a direct bus to his or her destination, they can always get down at a nearby place and take another mode of transport to their destination.
  • However, train ultimately wins, as it is always a favorite with travelers. With online booking making reservation easier, more and more people prefer traveling by train. It is evident from statistics that e-booking makes a heavy contribution to online travel in India. Let us have a look at the reasons behind the popularity of train journey.
  • Opting for a flight might save you time spent in reaching your destination. However, if you were to take into account the time spent on reaching the airport and from airport to your place, check in time and the time you need spend to have your luggage cleared, you would find train journey to be time-wise economical as well. In train journey, all you need to do is to just reach the railway station and settle in the seat reserved for you. You get off where you have to and just proceed towards your destination without having to wait to complete any formalities.
  • Your baggage will be with you in train journey. Therefore, you will have no cause to worry regarding baggage handling or your baggage not traveling with you in your plane as it happens in some cases.
  • Train fares are economical when compared to flight and bus travel. Hence, people prefer train journey more. If you look to have a more sophisticated journey, you might have an a/c compartment booked for you to make your train journey more comfortable.
  • If you are a businessperson, the journey by train could be great as it offers quality time to you. Unlike in flight or in bus, a train offers you the comfort of catching up with your pending work, like going through files or documents, do work that is not connected to internet (unless you carry your laptop) and so on.
  • You stay connected in train journey unlike in a journey by flight. You can look through the window and enjoy what nature has in store and how beautiful the landscapes are in between cities. Bus journey could offer you this but not with the comfort a train journey could provide.
  • Environmental benefits associated with train travel is the most important factor you need to take into account with talks about global warming gaining more attention globally. The pollution caused by flights is 85% higher than that caused by train and one could not ignore the fact that train consumes much lesser energy for its functioning.

Trains offer the best to every traveler, as the rates are economical and the journey comfortable. Trains give you an opportunity to interact with more people and you feel a sense of belonging as train journey is always near to the hearts of people. Trains are comfortable for all ages and all wallets. Above all, as mentioned it is wise to go green with train journey and act your part in saving the environment.

Contributed by Himanshu who writes at Trans India Travels.