Kovalam name to fame was the discovery of its pristine beaches in early 1970s by hippies. An erstwhile backpacker’s paradise, Kovalam has developed into a world class tropical beach paradise in Kerala. It is a favored destination of honeymooners and those looking forward to a rejuvenating time in sand and sun.Another important factor contributing to tourism in Kovalam is Ayurveda and wellness activities to invigorate your body, mind and soul. Kovalam is one of the most important destination not just when it comes to Kerala tours, but also when it comes to beach destinations in world.

Kovalam Beaches: Destinations in Kerala
A mesmerizing view of the sunset by the Kovalam coastline

This crescent shaped beach also referred to as the paradise of the South was once the favorite haunt of the hippies. Once a sleepy little hamlet and backpackers paradise, Kovalam today is one of the most popular and exclusive beach destinations in India.

Frenzied urbanization and international tourists flocking to this sun and sand paradise has led to premium pricing in Kovalam.

Nonetheless, Kovalam still beckons generations of nouveau global nomads owing to its tropical coastline swathed in coconut groves, Ayurveda and spa, mouth tingling cuisines and vibrant shopping scene.

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam
A view of the Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam

Alas as with most popular tourist destinations in world, the center of attraction in Kovalam have become a bit crowded and seldom offer what they were once famous for. But to discover and explore the true colors of Kovalam, you but have to wade a bit deeper.

To discover the exotic beauty for which Kovalam is romanticized internationally dig deep into the inner recesses of the city to less crowded coastline, particularly into the rice paddies and palm groves that stretch far inland. Do try out the mouth tingling seafood while you are in Kovalam.

holidays in Kerala
Succulent seafood is another specialty of Kovalam

And accommodation is not a problem in Kovalam. Whether you are a budget traveler or looking for exclusive stays, a hotel for every need and budget is available in Kovalam to suit your pocket and occasion. Kovalam beach indeed is an idyll retreat when it comes to holidays in Kerala.

Kovalam is one of the top monsoon destinations in Kerala owing to the fact that it has emerged as a hub for Ayurveda in Kerala.

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