Top 5 Classic Rail Journeys in the World to Die for

Even though we are in the age of jets and yachts, nothing beats the charm of a classic rail journey through varying terrains and ever changing scenery.The slow, rhythmic pace and the little stops at token destinations altogether add to the experience of train travel. of late, international luxury train travel is a trend well received by seasoned travelers. Keeping that in mind, we present a list of top 5 classic rail journeys you must experience once in a lifetime.

1. Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels - Luxury Train India

Classic Rail Journeys in the World: Palace on Wheels,  India

Palace on Wheels is the best way to explore India. A week long journey of this luxury train offers the best sites to visit in the state of Rajasthan. The supreme comfort level of these trains is just unexplainable. The journey begins from New Delhi taking passengers to Jaipur on the second day.Popularly known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur is famous for its palaces, forts, jewelry, elephant rides and handicrafts. The journey then continues to a number of National Parks, Jodhpur, excursions around Pichhola Lake and also visiting 1000 year old sandstone structures of Jaisalmer.

Agra is the last destination that enables tourists to explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Taj Mahal. Palace on Wheels is the ultimate way of savoring traditional aspect of India.

2. Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

Classic Rail Journeys in the World: Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

One of the best sightseeing trains offering 12 day adventure across Canada is the Rocky Mountaineer. The Whistler Mountaineer and the Rocky Mountaineer are the two trains offered by the Rocky Mountaineer.These trains cover 4 routes by connecting the Coastal city of Vancouver to Calgary and Jasper in the Rockies. Yellowhead Route is the most beautiful route that travels from Vancouver to Jasper. The train offers ultimate comfort with strategic off-train excursions. Some of the best rail journeys in world.

3. Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail

Classic Rail Journeys in the World: Rovos Rail, Southern and East Africa

Rovos Rail is an ultimate luxury train that unwinds the breathtaking scenery of Southern and East Africa. Travelers can experience the elegance and grace of the bygone era. The spacious suites are a perfect blend of modern features having the period ambience.This luxury traincan carry 72 passengers at a time in its superbly appointed 36 suites. Rovos Rail connects some of the amazing destinations from South Africa to Namibia and Tanzania. There are restored Rhodesia Railways (NRZ) coaches each having private en suite facilities, two restaurant cars, two lounges and private sleeping compartments.

There are 3 kinds of accommodation on board and Pullman is the smallest having an area of 76 sq. ft. The Royal Suite is spread over an area 172 sq. ft is the largest accommodation on board.

4. Royal Scotsman

Royal Scotsman

Classic Rail Journeys in the World: Royal Scotsman, UK

Royal Scotsman is a top-end luxury train offering 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 night tour of the Scottish Highlands. Managed by the same people who operate the Venice Simplon Orient Express, Royal Scotsman focuses on creating the atmosphere of a Scottish 5-star country house hotel.It carries 36 passengers at a time in its well-appointed 9 coaches. It offers 4 nights Highland Classic Tour, 3 nights Western Tour or 2 nights Highland Tour. The luxury journey operates from April to October. The grand journey starts from Edinburgh exhibiting the rich history of the Scottish Highlands, lochs and picturesque views along with five star luxury of train interior makes this one of the Top 10 Great Rail Journeys in the World</a>.

5. Hiram Bingham

Hiram Bingham Luxury Train

Classic Rail Journeys in the World: Hiram Bingham Luxury Train, Peru

Hiram Bingham travels through the romantic and exotic scenic beauty of Peru. Named after the US explorer, Hiram Bingham has outstanding gold and blue carriages exhibiting warm interiors with graceful upholstery. There are four well-furnished brass and wood carriages having a large space.

Observation car is the striking feature of this train which is furnished with dark wood and has big cushioned seats. Each of the two exclusive dining carriages has a capacity of 42 seats having polished and gleaming cutlery. There is no doubt that romantic Peru can be best explored only by Hiram Bingham luxury train.

The world is full of awesomeness and we know it. We know that you’d definitely want to check out Top Places to visit in the World before you Die. Do let us know what you think through your comments.

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