With the growth of tourism in the country, River Cruises are increasingly gaining prominence and popularity with the travelers. These cruises are not only a welcome alternative from the usual hubs of entertainment, but with the services and facilities offered on board and wonderful views that surrounds such a trip, it becomes a definitely memorable expedition.

From the backwaters of Kerala to incredibly scenic archipelagos of Andaman, these cruise ships have come up in most of the important tourist destinations located near the waters.

In this blog, we have listed Top 12 River Cruises in India for your next vacation to let to enjoy their fascinating ride when you visit these corresponding destinations. With the amazing experience they offer and memorable ride they furnish, they are definitely a hard to miss adventure, take a look:

1. Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala is one of the most amazing places in India, blessed with verdant bounties of Nature and views like a leaf plucked out of fantasy. With a climate that is salubrious, sights of the countryside as incredible as it could be, it’s a great way to explore and understand Kerala on a boat Cruise.

One of the many fabulous attractions in the state, the boat cruises are elegant vessels of comfort and luxury. Sailing around the channels of backwaters, the cruises takes the visitors on an ethereal joyride, bringing them in close proximity to raw, lush landscapes, fantastical rural life of the areas and to the quiet and cool ambience, away from the chaotic life of the cities.

The cruises are so designed that they provide a wonderful individualized space for the visitors. They are most popular with families and honeymoon couples. Luxury cruises have all latest and state of art amenities for their esteemed guests. These include, air-conditioned bedrooms, exquisite bathtubs, and standing showers. The guests are treated with lip-smacking Kerala Cuisines and served with best of services for a comprehensive relaxation and enjoyment.

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2. Sunderbans River Cruise

The Suburbans, one of the world’s largest reservoir of mangrove forests is also one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Cruise boat through this amazing and picturesque passage is one of the most cherishing experiences of a lifetime. The Suburbans Cruise, a prototype of amazing luxury and comfort is a wonderful excursion, full of most fascinating and elegant amenities.The cruise takes you through the course of the Malta River into the largest Mangrove forests in the world, passing by narrow creeks and Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.

Through the journey guests come across heavenly sights. Diverse species of birds like the herons, kingfishers, salik bird, white-necked kites, bee-eaters as well as animals such as sweet water crocodiles, snakes, deer, monkeys, wild hogs and otters etc. can be easily seen. Starting from Godkhali, the cruise is famous for excellent on-board hospitality which include facilities like Gym, Ayurveda treatment and massage parlor.

In addition to this guests have a library, a bar, a conference room with internet and fax facilities while there are air condition, attached bathrooms, a telephone, a tea and coffee maker and sufficient reading stuff in every room. The cruise is one of the many highlights of the region and is a popular way to explore and relish the amazing views and wonderful climate of Sundarbans.

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3. Chilika Lake Cruise

Chilika Lake Cruise is an incredible ride, not only as a cool and picturesque trip, but a wonderful opportunity to spot a huge variety of migratory birds like resident waterfowls to many species of cranes, during the course. Moreover tourists can also view dolphins if they make a stopover at Rajahamsa Beach. The cruise starts at Mangalajodi. The price of the tickets is not fixed and can be negotiated.The boats of the cruise can easily accommodate a family and are fixed with motor.

The journey takes you through the scenic Marshlands and through the beautiful village islands which facilitates cultural interactions with the locals. The amazing Nalabana Bird Sanctuary also lies within the lake and can be accessed while taking the cruise.

The cruise can doubtlessly be called as golden opportunity for bird and photography enthusiasts to indulge in their passions. The best time to enjoy the cruise is from October to February because the lake dries up at other times, i.e. during the summer. A great way to relish the beauty of nature, a ride by this cruise through the wonderful Chilika Lake is a must.

4. Andaman Islands River Cruise

One of the most natural and pristine regions of India, the views of the Andaman Island are unique and most attractive. The Andaman Islands cruise takes you through these picturesque sights to give you one of the most exciting and wonderful journeys of your lifetime. On-board, visitors will have a great memorable experience where they avail, amazing, international level services along with matching world-class amenities to enjoy.

Incredible view of azure waters of the sea surrounding the cruise ship offers a great magical experience. An amazing voyage, around the stunning tropical islands, the guests get to savor warm sun rays on the elegant deck while enjoying the breathtaking sights. In addition to relishing the lip-smacking cuisines prepared by expert chefs, visitors also enjoy exciting on-board distractions that keep them entertained.

It’s little doubt that Andaman Islands radically enhance your experience of the trip to Andaman and is definitely an adventure that must be undertaken.

5. Dibru – Saikhowa River Cruise

The region of Dibru Saikhowa is a picturesque area of grasslands and swamp waters, located in between the famous Brahmaputra and Dibru rivers towards the east of Assam. A scenic and vibrant patch of Earth, the place is famous for Gangetic River Dolphins, numerous migratory birds, a wide range of orchids and feral horses etc.

The river cruise takes you through these amazing views, affording elegant comfort and enjoyable entertainment on board. The journey makes a cool and serene joyride, offering plenty of time to revel in the ambience and atmosphere. It’s an awesome getaway, especially for couples and families.

The food served is delicious and adds to the experience of the journey. Famous for the very important Dibru-Saikhowa National Park, the region is a popular destination for travel and wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Vising the place and taking the ride on Dibru-Saikhowa River Cruise is a recommendation that cannot be emphasized more.

6. Mandovi River Cruise

Organized under the auspices of Goa Tourism, The Mandovi River Cruise is wonderful, couple of hour long sea drive along the Mandovi River, aboard Shantadurga or Santa Monica, which are the names of the cruises. With the background of Goa folk songs and dances, the amazing journey lets the passengers enjoy cool atmosphere and picturesque settings on the deck of the cruise.Lip-smacking fares, from an array of recipes, keep the visitors entertained while the return journey through Chorao and Divar Islands is equally mesmerizing.

All cruises begin their journey from the Santa Monica Jetty which is located next to the Mandovi Bridge from where the tourists can buy tickets. The experience is simply incredible and along with other passengers on board to enjoy and converse with, the expedition becomes a wonderful adventure. Mandovi River Cruise is ideal for family, couple and even friends to a pleasant getaway from the usual itinerary of any trip to Goa.

7. Ganges Heritage River Cruise

With the sight of majestic Ganges all over and taking you through the incredible trail, the Ganges Heritage cruise is the epitome of luxury, comfort and style. Featuring 32 expansive and luxurious rooms, furnishing a state of the art facilities for the ultimate experience, the heritage cruise is perfect place to relax and unwind.While the guests revel in amazing ambience of the surroundings, on-board services and hospitality take care of all their immediate and luxurious needs. For instance facilities like a massage parlor, a modern library, a gym etc. are available on the ship. On the other hand, chefs prepare wonderful dishes for the culinary delights of the guest to give them the ultimate experience on board.

Sailing with facilities of international standards on India’s most sacred river is a lasting memory and one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Each of the room on the cruise come fixed with a telephone connection, reading material, tea and coffee maker along with other luxurious services for a wonderful journey throughout. The Ganga Heritage tour is doubtlessly a great place to relax and unwind and enjoy a perfect vacation.

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8. Brahmaputra River Cruise

The mighty Brahmaputra River is the lifeline of the people of the North Eastern India. It is not only enormous, but the course through which it runs is one of the most picturesque and scenic regions of the country. With such a stunning picturesque trail, the Brahmaputra River Cruise leads the passengers on an exotic trip, taking them deep into the exquisite flora and fauna of the Kaziranga National Park, Majuli, which is one of the largest deltaic regions.

The Brahmputra River Cruise conduct the guests from Guwahati to Jorhat, leading through Silghat, Sibsagar and Majuli, which are the locations that are rich in history and charm.

Nevertheless, the cruise can be called a great opportunity to explore the raw and scenic Assam. Revel in the wonderful warm rays of the rising and setting Sun of the East while sipping the delicious and hot Assam brew on board, this amazing journey that will be cherished by you for long.

9. Mangalore River Cruise

Rapidly emerging as an important tourist destination in the country, Mangalore has also acquired considerable popularity as a place to enjoy cruise ride. It has almost been dream come true for the local residents as famous weekend escape on the serene waters of Phalguni River.The cruise begins from New Mangalore Port and gives tourist a memorable experience.

The cruise is laden with luxury and lots of facilities and opportunities for enjoyment. The upper deck serves as a recreation spot as well as restaurant while in the lower deck, one can dance to their favorite Bollywood numbers while relishing small nibbles of meals.

The food served on-board is one the special highlights of the cruise. Prepared by expert chefs, the fares are mesmerizingly delicious sea food delights. There are plenty of space on the ship where one can mix with the people, take in the fresh sea air or simply chill out in the ambience. Overall, a fine, relaxing experience when visiting Mangalore.

10. Goa River Cruise

When it comes to cruises, what better place can one think of than Goa. The exotic beach destination has some of the most remarkable and wonderful cruises which promises full entertainment, fun and adventure for the tourists. The incredible trail along the sea is a great experience. Tapping to famous Bollywood numbers, guests enjoy a pleasant atmosphere along with savoring delectable cuisine and refreshing drinks.

In addition to the star cruises, which are an epitome of supreme luxury and comfort and offer packages of several days, other small but nevertheless outstanding cruise ships too, provide for significant pleasure and entertainment of the guests.

In any case, with such an incredible experience furnished to the guests, any expedition to Goa is incomplete without taking a ride into these amazing cruise boats. These are also a perfect entertainment alternative from the usual course, no matter whether you are with family, friends or your loved one.

11. Yanam River Cruise

An important tributary of the Godavari River, the Yanam River passes through beautiful scenic locations and sailing on this is the Yanam River cruise, making you enjoy and relish the incredible surroundings. Essentially a day trip, visitors witness stunning fishermen’s villages on both the banks with the line of the beautiful coconut trees and verdant greenery of backwaters.

After lunch, the cruise moves through the confluence of the river with the Bay of Bengal, offering a breathtaking view of blending of grey and turquoise waters. Here the visitors can also move around the beach in the sand with red crabs trying to get hold of your feet.

With lip smacking South Indian course available on board to revel the taste buds of the guests, this journey is truly a heavenly sojourn to be remembered for long.

12. Lakshadweep River Cruise

One of the most exquisitely picturesque destinations in India, Lakshadweep is home to astonishing natural bounties and pristine landscapes with amazingly beautiful azure waters and expansive white sandy beaches.Furnishing an exotic excursion through these picturesque sights is M.V Karvati, the excellent cruise ship, with a total capacity of 700 passengers and 200 tons of cargo. The magnificent ship has over 100 berths and 70 first-class berths and also include a spacious dining hall, a gymnasium, a 152-seater cafeteria and a large airspace for a remarkable tourist experience.

Built with an estimated cost of Rs. 173 crore, the ship is doubtlessly an architectural wonder. Besides, on-board restaurant serves delectable dishes to the delight of the visitors. A product of Hindustan Shipyard, Visakhapatnam, the cruise ship features independent galleys, a helipad and a swimming pool as well.

Endeavoring to impart a distinct experience, the visitors are treated to services of international standards. Facilities such as on-call entertainment, on-call doctor and upper deck promenade are also available which enhance the sojourn. Have a great holiday experience by boarding this amazing ship.

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