Winter is a great time for travel and tours to India. Scorching summers and wet monsoons often require a lot of preparation as opposed to the winters and the weather is quite pleasant and ideal for an extended period of sightseeing at various destinations in India.

The north part of India is at its best during winters and tourists also get a lot of offers during this season of the year. When planning for winter travel in India, there are a few things that should be kept in mind when packing for vacations in India to make your trip free of hassles and glitches so that you make the most of your winter holidays in India


Rohtang Pass, Manali
Rohtang Pass, Manali – Himachal is one of the most popular winter tour destinations in India

1. Reconfirm your flight

Flight delays during winters are an inevitable part of traveling especially in the Northern part of India owing to the dense fog cover. It is always wise to reconfirm your flight schedule to check if there’s a flight delay or cancellation to avoid the hassles of traveling to and fro from the airport.

2. Have extra time up your sleeve

Just as flight delays, traffic snarls, and train delays may also cause delays during winter. So if you have a connecting flight, it is wise to have some extra time up your sleeve and wait at the airport than miss your flight.

3. Pack accordingly

A mosquito net or mosquito repellent cream often comes in handy during winters in India. Although staying in good hotels would make the nets redundant, the cream comes in handy when you travel or even during extended sightseeing tours.

4. Stay on top of technology

Always carry a cell phone. New technology like GPS, Wi-Fi, and GPRS comes in handy to find out the roads, schedules, attractions, and things to do on the go.

5. Carry warm clothes

Winters are quite chilly in the Northern part of India. It is advisable that you carry pullovers, scarves, sweaters, and jackets to beat the cold. Wearing full shoes are also recommended during winters.

6. Carry the Extra pair

Make sure that you carry extra pair of clothes as clothes take a long time to get dry during winters.

7. Sunscreen lotion/sunglasses

Although the sun is not that harsh during winters and the weather is quite pleasant, it is always wise to apply sunscreen lotion and carry sunglasses for eye protection during winters to avoid the ill effect of sun rays.

8. Come with an open wind

Lonely Planet travel guide describes India as Bamboozling. India is a stunning, shocking, assault on the senses. Prepare well, arrive with an open mind and you are sure to have a wonderful time.

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