Palace on Wheels Luxury Train Travel in Rajasthan
Let the saga of romance and adventure unfold! 
What it is that draws million of tourists from across the globe to Rajasthan? Besides being the warriors and legendary romantics, the Maharajas of Rajputana were great patrons of art and commerce. The allure of this magnificent land of Rajput warriors princes lies in an array of resplendent forts and stunning palaces, intricately carved havelis, rich cultural heritage and colorful and vivid lifestyle. From traditional kalbeliya dances and snake charmers to plush heritage hotels and from camel safaris in undulating sand dunes to the romance of Udaipur, Rajasthan has everything in one platter that a traveler dreams of in a complete, unforgettable journey.  
Palace on Wheels bundles together myriad hues of Rajasthan in one tastefully crafted 7 nights luxury train travel package. The train designed to replicate the personal carriages of former Indian maharajas recreates the romance of a bygone era and let you live a Maharaja life, a dream from which you would never want to wake up. Check out the video Part of of the series Palace on Wheels Luxury Train and pack your bags and book your Maharaja Train now.