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The Golden Chariot: Best Ways of Travel in India

Exploring a vast country like India is a real challenge for travelers both domestic and international. One comes across numerous challenges while planning to take a sojourn across any part of India. 


Kerala Tours – What to Do and See in Kerala

Kerala is the most desired tourist destinations in the world which is famous for its pristine beaches, backwaters, hill stations and rich flora and fauna. The state is visited by countless tourists every year.


Royal Rajasthan aboard 2 Palaces on Wheels

To experience the land of maharajas Rajasthan in a most authentic manner, there’s no better option than 2 royal palaces on wheels. Check out 2 of India’s best luxury trains that travel across momentous destination in Rajsthan.


A Royal Ride aboard Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

All inclusive train tour on board Royal Rajasthan could be booked at the India�s first and only luxury train travel portal Indian Luxury Trains (ILT). Feel free to leave your questions and feedback through comment section.