With a price tag of Rs 1 lakhs for a night, Maharajas Express is the most expensive tourist train in India. Maharajas Express train, a joint venture between IRCTC and Cox & Kings, India offers 4 itineraries to the guests. All journey are theme based and chart a different terrain.

Maharaja Express is designed to recreate the splendor and pampering of a bygone era. Spacious and elegant, the interiors of the train are simply stunning. The train come equipped with modern amenities to offer a service at par with 5 Star hotels. Two restaurant, a bar and lounge salon are available for the pleasure of the guest.


One of the biggest advantage of traveling in Maharajas Express is that each day you will wake up and have a new destination to explore. Even the journey becomes a part of the experience. Occasional Special Guest Speakers add to the traveling experience with invaluable insights. Even during normal journeys seasoned guides with keen knowledge are there to assist the guests on board the Maharajas Express.

Catch a glimpse of the kaleidoscopic colors of India as you watch the landscape spool by sitting in the luxury of this magnificent train. Relive the luxury of princes of a bygone era with a slice of contemporary deluxe services and hospitality. Maharajas Express has arrived!