Its makers call it a true abode of the Maharaja (King). Indeed it is in every sense of the statement. Amongst the world’s leading luxurious trains, Maharajas’ Express stands at its topmost place, firmly like a mountain. To add on to the glories of its travel experiences, the luxury train has come up with a special departure plan for the year 2016. Crisscrossing some of the most vibrant destinations in India that includes the culturally and historically rich areas of the Royal Rajasthan, Mughal’s favorite Agra and lively Delhi, this special journey has been organized by the leading travel company in India, Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd.
Choose from Special Departure in Aprilr to Live a Maharaja Life!
Choose from Special Departure in April to Live a Maharaja Life!

All about the special departure plan

Indian Holiday, a 2 times National tourism award-winning company, in collaboration with Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has scheduled this special departure for 20th April 2016. Talking about the details, the tour will include a 4-day journey (its makers call it a ‘Royal treat’) across the four major tourist places in India; Jaipur, Agra, Delhi, and Ranthambore. It is a grand affair that includes visits to the world heritage sites, magnificent palaces, and majestic forts of the erstwhile Maharajas. Besides the architectural wonders, the focus on cultural ethos; which evolved out of past feudalism, would be the journey’s special mention.

Like a rightful owner of the Golden triangle tours in India, Maharajas Express has been running this segment in India since 2010. However, it is also known to bring ‘some surprises every year. For the month of April 2016, this royal journey stretches a little more; to the wilds of Ranthambore. Well, the real surprise will make you go easy on the pocket. The special departure plan is a chance to save more than USD 2000 on the normal tariff; close to a saving of 30% on the original tariff of the luxury train.

Few words about Maharaja’s Express

Ever since its inception, Maharajas’ Express has been a gem in the luxury travel segment. The train is an iconic resemblance to the elegant living of the past Maharajas of India. It is a successful attempt to relive the life of a king (even if it is for some days). The cabins of the luxury train are designed with sound attention to detail and luxury. Saturated with the opulence and the graciousness of the royals, its interiors can feel highly nostalgic. Maybe, this is the reason why some prefer to call it a moving palace.
Suite of the Maharajas Express comes with a spacious living area
The suite of the Maharajas Express comes with a spacious living area
To maintain the feel of this royal pageantry, the hospitality offered here is kept traditionally Indian. Dedicated servants that not only take care of your individual needs but also make you feel like an authoritarian, are present everywhere. The quotient of privacy which was highly maintained for the royals in the past finds its mention in the Maharajas’ express too. All the suites and cabins of this super luxury train have an attached private lounge area and en-suite deluxe Victorian bathrooms.
Deluxe Cabin on board Maharajas’ Express
Deluxe Cabin onboard Maharajas’ Express
To socialize with other chaps, this moving palace has a specially designed lounge bar known as the ‘Rajah Club’. This section of the train usually finds its guests in the evening for some delightful and refreshing drinks. The lounge is a very good alternative for spending leisure moments, while the train swiftly runs across the landscapes. A bunch of recreational activities like board and card games are amongst its prime indulgences. The lounge also has a souvenir shop for buying mementos at one end of the lounge bar, named Treasure Chest.
Guests enjoying drinks at Safari Bar
Guests enjoying drinks at Safari Bar

The royal treatment is not only limited to the indoors, but it goes all the way with you as you move out to explore the attractions of the city. This defines the itinerary as a royal extravaganza which involves exploring the resplendent heritage structures (palaces and forts), a cultural face-off through the city boulevards and folklores. It also includes wildlife expeditions on elephant backs just like the hunting trips of the Maharajas in the past.

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