Is it difficult to review a train such as Maharajas Express? Not at all! A red carpet welcome, bands of musician offering royal salute and traditionally dressed women with broad smile welcoming you as if a prince of yore with garlands, vermilion and turbans, Maharajas Express India is definitely a royal ride from the moment you arrive to board this ultra-luxe train. Maharajas Express is nothing like any other trains – or even luxury cruise trains – in India. Officially, this latest addition to Indian luxury trains is India’s answer to Orient Express, ‘a train against which other luxury trains are measured’. So how does Maharajas Express fare as compared to its western counterpart?

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Maharajas Express: Rediscover the art of elegant traveling

It is said that first impression is vital and Maharajas Express India makes a grand one with its typically royal Indian welcome. This luxury train in India tries to recreate the glory and grandeur of a bygone era with a keen sense not to ignore the heritage of that particular milieu of Indian princely splendor and pomp. But what is even more sumptuous about this luxury train in India is the seamless blend of the classical elegance and contemporary panache brought about by use of technology and state of the art amenities provided on board.

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Suite of the Maharajas Express

Whole train is designed to radiate an air of elegance and unparalleled élan. Plush and spacious interiors adorned with rich tapestry and graceful furnishings, chic inlays, attached bathroom with showers and in some suits bathtubs even, comfortable sleeping areas and a pervading serenity bespoke to offer an unseen pampering to the guest. Maharajas Express rail journey will surprise you at each new step of your voyage and exploration so much so that the train itself becomes an endearing part of your journey.

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Unmatchable Panache: Maharajas Express Washrooms attached with each Cabin

There are a total of 23 cabins which include grand presidential suite spanning over the whole carriage which includes a living area, separate sleeping cabin and spacious bathrooms. Besides, there are 2 tastefully appointed restaurants with quaint décor to make for a suave dining experience. A well-stocked bar carriage is an ideal place to engage in conversation or relax in a perfectly nonchalant ambiance.

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Safari Bar: Refined Nonchalance on board Maharajas Express

Facilities in the cabins include LCD TV with satellite channels, Wi-Fi internet, direct dial phones and safety deposit box among others. A personal attendant is also available round the clock to take care of every need of the guests. Adding to the luxury and wellness factor of this luxury train is spa salon and fitness center facility. For fitness enthusiasts and discerning guests who don’t compromise with their fitness regimen, fitness center with hi-tech equipments is the place to be.

Besides the on board factors which definitely gives Maharajas Express an edge not only over its Indian counterpart but gives a run for money to luxury trains operating across the world, there is the itinerary factor. India is an incredible country and an amazing cocktail of culture, tradition, heritage and modernity. With diversity the defining keyword of Indian experience, the 3 itinerary meticulously conjured up by Maharajas Express India gives you a glimpse of the royal and the classical aspects of India along with the glimpse of an economic superpower in making.

From one of the most ancient and sacred Hindu city Varanasi, to love temples of Khajuraho and from the greatest monument commemorating love Taj Mahal to resplendent fortresses and palaces in land of maharajas Rajasthan and on to contemporary megalopolis of Delhi and Mumbai where bamboozling diversity come together in an eclectic mélange of Kaleidoscope that is India, a journey on board Maharajas Express is truly a fascinating and enlightening one.

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Maharaja Express Dining: Rang Mahal Restaurant

There’s definitely no better way to discover and explore this bamboozling yet mesmerizing country of billions. On a journey aboard Maharajas Express train, it unfolds before you like a layer cake as you chug along on arguably the stateliest carriages to witness the culture, creeds, and concoction of charming colors of India.