Madhya Pradesh is a state located in the center of India, renowned as the “Heart of India” all over the country. The second largest state in the country, Madhya Pradesh is home to rich culture and heritage of India. Madhya Pradesh has two well known hill ranges, namely, Vindhya and Satpura, which act as the boundary makers between North and South.
Owing to its sheer diversity and vast size, Madhya Pradesh is home to a plethora of tourist attractions which attracts visitors from all around the globe. The temples of Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks, Gwalior Fort, Orchha and Bhimbekta Caves are some of the major tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh.


Madhya Pradesh Tourism
Khajuraho Temple – UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
Khajuraho is the one of the most famous tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh. It is renowned all across the globe for its Hindu and Jain temples. These temples were built during 950 AD to 1050 AD and are also recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Striking a perfect balance between architecture and sculpture and the beautiful and erotic carvings of these temples attract a plethora of national as well as international tourists.


Betwa river in Orchha
Betwa river in Orchha
Located near the banks of Betwa River, Orchha offers an important aspect to Madhya Pradesh tours. The name ‘Orchha’ is derived from a sneering remark, which was made by a Rajput chief when he visited the place. This beautiful town is bestowed with natural beauty and splendor. The climate of the town remains quite pleasing throughout the year.
There are many magnificent palaces and temples in the town, which represent the beautiful fusion of Bundela and Mughal architecture. Some of the major tourist attractions include Raj Mahal, Fort Complex, Jahangir Mahal, Chaaturbhuj temple, Phool Bagh, Sundar Mahal and Lakshmi Narayan temple.

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Jahaz Mahal in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Jahaz Mahal in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Founded in the 6th century, Mandu is renowned for its Islamic architecture. It is a small and beautiful city located in Madhya Pradesh. The city is also popular as the “City of Love” because of its famous love story of Baaz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Baaz Bahadur also built a spectacular fort in the memory of his queen, Rani Roopmati. There are many attractions in Mandu which are of tourist interests.
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Bandhavgarh National Park - A delight for adventure lovers and wildlife
Bandhavgarh National Park – A delight for adventure lovers and wildlife
 Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the renowned national parks in India and an inherent part of Madhya Pradesh tours. It is located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that during the ancient times Lord Rama (God in Hindu religion) bequeathed the fort to his brother Laxmana. Therefore, the fort got its name as Bandhavgarh, which means “brother’s fort”. Bandhavgarh was declared national park of India in the year 1968.

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Bandhavgarh National Park one of those tiger reserves with highest tiger density in India. It was renowned for its white tigers, though these tigers were not found in the jungles of Bandhavgarh national park for the last 50 years. Apart from tigers, the other wild animals in the park include Elephant, Nilgai, Chausingha, Chital, Chinkara, Wild Boar and fox.

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Madhya Pradesh tours offer a complete holiday experience to the tourists with an array of options to choose from. There are World Heritage Sites, tiger reserves and pastoral retreats such as Mandu and then there are resplendent fortresses and exquisitely carved temples which fascinate the visitors with their sheer artistry. With such diverse holiday experience, tours to Madhya Pradesh certainly beckon the traveler in you.