Dubai is known for its lavish and elaborate affairs. On 18th October 2019, this city extremely popular for its luxury shopping experiences, is going to have its own Dubai Watch Week. The watch week would be on till 22nd October. This event headed by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, a famous luxury retailer group, it comprises of retail events, educational seminars, preview of priceless watch auction pieces, round-table discussions and an exhibition of those timeless watches that will be displayed in the forthcoming Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve watch industry awards show. 

Luxury Watch Week in Dubai

 An amazing addition to the shopping experience that Dubai has to offer, this event would be bringing in an extraordinary range of luxury watches into the market place and would be adding onto the sales in the case of both local and visiting buyers. According to Hind Seddiqi, CMO of Seddiqi Holdings, Dubai is one of the world’s top 5 shopping destinations and is listed amongst the world’s top 10 Swiss watch importers that makes it one of Middle East’s most important markets of watches.

Elaborating about the event, she said it would be a platform for watch enthusiasts as well as collectors who wish to gain more knowledge about watch industry, have good communication with the experts and know about the latest advancements in watch making. All this would be done through educational platform, forums, an auction, exhibitions and class on watch making.

The aim of this this non-commercial event is to bring together the main players from the world market of watch making. People attending the event would get a chance to interact with renowned collectors, watching personalities, brands and experts at the Dubai International Financial Centre. 

She added that every edition of Dubai Watch Week would be focused a distinct features of art making. In this addition, the focus is on the account of the Swiss watch industry. The theme this year is Innovation and Technology. During this 5-day affair, there would be Private as well as Public programs along with an exhibition, organized simultaneously at The Dubai Mall.

Special programs have been made for the Dubai watch Week with the aims to encourage the art of watchmaking and to garner the interest of the present generation towards the same. As far as cultural aspect of the week is concerned, it is going to concentrate on engrossing the collectors and adding on their knowledge about the industry.

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