One of the 5 brand new itineraries introduced by the operators of Maharajas’ Express, the Indian Splendor journey charts mesmerizing terrains and royal locales beginning from Delhi. From royal Rajasthan to India’s very own Jurassic Park in Gujarat, this luxury train tour comes packed with a dash of heritage, adventure, wildlife and romance in some of the most prominent tourist destinations in India.
Safari Bar, Maharajas' Express
Safari Bar on board Maharajas’ Express Train
Bulk of the Indian Splendor itinerary aboard Maharajas’ Express involves tour in the ‘land of maharajas’ Rajasthan. Included in the Rajasthan tour is visit to the ‘pink city’ Jaipur, ‘city of lakes’ Udaipur, ‘the blue city’ Jodhpur, ‘city of spices and sand dunes’ Bikaner and the royal hunting grounds in Ranthambore. Besides visit to an array of spectacular forts and palaces & Sam sand dunes and tiger reserve, what makes the Maharajas’ Express train journey truly unique is an assortment of insider experiences arranged to offer cultural interactions to the guests.
Junior Suite, Maharajas Express
Junior Suite, Maharajas’ Exprss Guest Cabin
One of the highlights of the Maharajas’ Express Indian Splendor tour itinerary is to visit India’s very own version of Jurassic Park. Balasinor in Gujarat is home to one of the largest clutches of dinosaur hatcheries in the world. A renowned destination for ‘dinosaur tourism.’ Balasinor attracts paleontologists and tourists alike. A village tour, to give the guests a peek into the local ways of life, is also a part of this luxury train tour itinerary. Another highlight of the Indian Splendor journey at Balasinor is meeting with the royal family of the erstwhile princely state of Balasinor followed by the royal lunch.
Rang Mahal Restaurant, Maharaja Express
Rang Mahal Restaurant, Maharajas’ Express Dining
The Indian Splendor itinerary on board Maharajas’ Express concludes 168 later in Mumbai where guests are bid farewell after a weeklong ride in one of the world’s most luxurious train. Maharajas’ Express is an award winning luxury train in India which has been acclaimed by who’s who of luxury travel as one of the most sophisticated, elegant and opulent trains of the world. Equipped with state of the art amenities and characterized by impeccable service, Maharajas’ Express is setting a new benchmark when it comes to luxury train traveling around the world. The all inclusive Maharajas’ Express Indian Splendor train tour starts from US $5980 per person per journey.

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A division of Indian Holiday Pvt Ltd, Preferred Sales Agent – IRCTC Affiliate (PSA-IA) for selling Maharajas’ Express Train Packages, Indian Luxury Trains offer booking for 3 pan-India Maharajas Express train itineraries spanning over 8 days & 7 nights and 2 golden triangle train tour spanning over 4 days, with all-inclusive journeys starting from US $3850 per person per journey.