Google India discloses a dramatic change in the top travel trends. As per ‘Google’, this year has witnessed a surge of 27 percent in search related queries for honeymoon, luxury and safari destinations. The search behavior transformations of the Indian Audience was observed from September to November. It was concluded that there was a tremendous increase of 34 percent in both domestic and international luxury searches. Also, the online hunt for luxury holidays have increased 12 times.
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Night Safari in Singapore, Desert Safari in Dubai, Marine Park and Bali Safari, as well as Safari World in Bangkok have gained the maximum attention. However, talking about the honeymooners’ international search list, a hike of 40 percent was witnessed for destinations like Seychelles, Maldives, and Bali.
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Dubai still leads in terms of international travel trends as the most searched destination. Bangkok, Thailand, and Disneyland USA also maintain their position is the list. Not only destinations but also activities like international cricket and safaris touched the count of 456 percent, reason being matches held at Melbourne, Australia and Lords, UK.
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Coming to India, Kerala again leads the chart as the most ‘crowd-pleasing’ destination. On the other hand, weekend getaways in close proximity to Delhi have emerged as the game changer and have spiked up to 361 percent. Therefore, places like Srinagar and Rajasthan have shown up in the list for fervent tourism amongst domestic travelers.Moreover, it was also noticed that advance bookings are gaining popularity while last minute bookings have reduced by 20 percent for international and 17 percent for domestic travelers. Another interesting point to note was that two out of three holiday related queries was made via smartphones instead of desktops.