India has always been a popular tourist destination owing to its confounding diversity and rich heritage. However with the rise of Indian economy, golf tourism is emerging as the new trend and golf tours in India is not lagging far behind. Golf tourism has emerged as the new travel phenomena in India gaining popularity, especially among the high-end tourists and corporate. With more and more golf courses emerging all over the country, India too has joined the bandwagon of introducing and promoting golf tourism.
Luxury Travel and Lifestyle in India
Luxury Travel and Lifestyle in India
With the boom in Indian economy and rise of the new elites, golf scene in India has change dramatically. Nowadays, every real estate developers as well as major players in hospitality industry are turning to golf as their selling proposition. More and more golf courses and infrastructure have come up to promote the game and attract the global elites and entrepreneurs from around the world.
Golf tourism has gained considerable currency around the world in recent times. Golf tours in India, which were once limited to metropolitan cities, have spread across the country which includes major tourist destinations in India. Some of the major golfing destinations in India include Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa and Gulmarg. Jammu and Kashmir happens to be the home to the world’s highest golf course which is situated in Gulmarg.
Taking the cue from the potential of golf tours in India, major players in hospitality industries have come up with their exclusive golf courses to attract the corporate moguls and players of international renown. These 5 star properties with on-site golfing infrastructure come with outstanding golfing facilities which include These golf resorts offers exclusive golfing facilities which includes 9 to 18 holes, 72 at par with a wide range of golf accessories including golf sets, golf dress and golf shoes.
Many golf resorts and clubs are now in existence at popular destinations in India. Some of them are Jaypee Greens Golf Resort in Noida, Classic Golf Resort in Gurgaon, Eagleton- the Golf Resort in Bangalore, Trident Hilton in Jaipur, Presidency Golf Club, Mumbai, The Royal Springs Golf Club in Srinagar, Ambassador Pallava in Chennai and Marriot Goa Resort.
The concept of Golf tours in India is the result of exclusive clientele of this sport and the rise of India as one of the major economies in world. With India becoming an important destination for corporate and business houses, the possibilities and potential of golf tourism – still at its nascent stage – is immense in India. With golf becoming a major driver of business and the amazing number of people getting into it and the fact that India now boasts of an array of golf courses of international standard, Golf tours in India has certainly arrived.