Golden Chariot Train or Luxury Hotels?

When the unprecedented popularity of Palace on Wheels reached the corridors of Karnataka State Tourism and Development Corporation (KSTDC), it resulted in the creation of Golden Chariot Train, south India’s first luxury tourist train. On 10th march, 2008, Golden Chariot embarked on its maiden voyage from Bangalore to Goa in a journey lasting over a week. The train has two itineraries – Pride of the South and Splendor of the South- each of which takes the guests on an enchanting voyage to uncover the natural and cultural treasures of south India.

Madira Bar, the Golden Chariot Train
Madira Bar, The Golden Chariot Train

Now a question often asked why luxury trains are best options to stay over luxury hotels and since Golden Chariot too is a luxury tourist train, the same question applies for it as well. There are good number of reasons that can justify the opulence, elegance and cost efficiency of this train.

The introductory price of Golden Chariot that is USD 545 (INR 16,500) per person per day involves on board accommodation, dining, guided excursions and cultural programs and meals at five star hotels. On the other hand, a stay in a luxury hotel at deluxe room costs around 20,000 in INR.

Being a disabled friendly train comes as an added advantage for Golden Chariot as this facility is provided in most luxury hotels at extra cost.

The train not only explores the culturally rich destinations of south India but also accommodates you in cabins reflecting the architectural aesthetics of erstwhile south Indian dynasties. Such an environment is hardly possible in luxury hotels until and unless they are driven by a certain theme.  For example, ITC Grand Chola reflects the cultural ethos of south Indian Chola dynasty in the interior décor of its lobby, restaurants and well appointed rooms.

Sightseeing tours are arranged by the travel desk of hotels on special demand (with extra cost) while Golden Chariot has been particularly designed to provide tours to south Indian destinations in an opulent manner.
While staying in a luxury hotel, guests are fixed to a certain destination. On the other hand, Golden Chariot lets you travel different destinations on each day of the train tour with complimentary luxury experience.

The above mentioned points are enough to justify the superiority and value for money embedded in the Golden Chariot train tour package when compared to the luxury hotels. To say that a journey aboard this Indian luxury train is truly worth the money spent will not be an overstatement.

How to book it:
Indian Luxury Trains
Indian Luxury Trains is India’s first and only luxury train travel portal. Details of upcoming schedule and booking of the Golden Chariot train tour packages along with post and pre tour arrangement, air ticket booking could be done at the Indian Luxury Trains website.

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