There is no doubt that every pious soul loves to travels as every particular jaunt is no less than a personal quests that often leads to great discoveries. But for the 21st century people, to embark on a long journey often becomes out of the reach because of time constraint. The newly introduced Gems of India journey onboard Maharajas’ Express is certainly a relief for the luxury travelers. Complying with its name, this once in a lifetime journey truly takes the travelers into some of the precious destinations of India which are no less than the gems of the country.

maharajas' Express Gems of India
Maharajas’ Express Gems of India

Gems of Indian by Maharajas’ Express is one of the five newly introduced journeys which takes the global travelers into a peerless voyage to northern and north-western India in a three nights and four days of journey. This particular short-term tour covers four most glamorous places of India- Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore and Jaipur. The royal rain journey on this luxury Indian train make you explore some of the very best manmade wonders along with a dash of wildlife in Ranthambore National Park.

The off-train excursions offered by this luxury rail tour are tailored in a way so that travelers can get the best of India in a short period of time. While the marvelous palaces, forts and mausoleum in Jaipur and Agra takes the travelers into the part of history characterized by love, valor and royalty, a dash into the woodland of Ranthambore give you a scope to watch some of the most rarest species of mammals in their natural habitats. Even the beginning of the journey is marked by grandness as you will get a chance to be a part of the most colorful lifestyle of the city of Delhi, the capital of India.

Bahai House of Worship, New Delhi
Lotus Temple, New Delhi

The Gems of India by Maharajas’ Express is one of the most preferred train journeys in the world which juxtapose the Indian tradition of hospitality and the modern world amenities. The 14 guest carriages of the train consisting of plush accommodations for guests offer a 5 star living experience onboard. Along with deluxe cabins and royal suites, the train is also well appointed with dining car, bar, sitting lounge and souvenir boutique. The pneumatic and hydraulic suspension system used in this Indian luxury train ensures a smoother train ride in its every particular voyage.

Suite, Maharajas' Express
Suite of Maharajas’ Express Train

Recreating the royal charm of the yore, the luxury train tour to India on board Maharajas’ Express is once in a lifetime experience that every travel enthusiast loves to keep forever in their treasure trove of memories. For more information on the Maharaja Express Gems of India itinerary you may like to visit the website of Indian Luxury Trains.