In the upcoming tourist season, the Palace on Wheels, or simply the POW, the leading Indian luxury train, is going to change its feel and look.

The train started its journey way back in the year 1982, thereby has completed its life-cycle. Henceforth, POW is going to be discontinued and another popular luxury train in India, the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels (RROW) is going to be labeled as POW. This has been done to increase the profit of the train. The stakeholders believe that this new train is going to hold up the flagship brand name of the top luxury train that has been operating for many years.

The present Palace on Wheels has completed its run of 35 years and as a rule, it is required that the train should be replaced after 25 years due to corrosion-related issues. Thus, N C Goel, ACS (tourism) and chairman of RTDC took this decision after he was informed by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) regarding the same. RTDC felt that instead of investing in a proposal, it was ideal to carry forward with RROW, from the upcoming tourist season.

N C Goel said, “Over the last 35 years of operation, POW has established itself as a prime tourism product and acquired a phenomenal image branding in the world travel trade. We want to retain its name and continue its operation as a flagship project of the RTDC and Indian Railways. With only one train, we would like to build on the POW product. There is a meeting with the railway board on Monday, where they will take a call on our proposal.” He added, “Travel trade stakeholders are confident that this would get us more business.”

Pradeep Bohra General Manager, Palace on Wheels informed, “The rechristened train will run on the present itinerary, tariff, and revenue sharing pattern (56:44) under the existing agreement of POW between the Indian Railways and RTDC. With this, the operation of RROW will stand discontinued from the ensuing season. We already have bookings of Rs. 24 crore through Yatra and Worldwide Rail Journey, the two GSA’s for POW. And following the approval of the railway board, the RROW will also sport the same colors of POW and switch from blue to yellow, the quintessential POW color.”

The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels started its journey in 2008. It is popular for being one of the most luxurious trains in India and can accommodate 82 passengers. This train is just nine years old and is replete with world-class comforts.