Soon Maharajas Express will be more luxurious and at the same time more affordable. Deemed the most luxurious train in Asia and acclaimed as one of the most regal rides in its category, Maharajas Express will now be operated by the Indian Rail Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). According to the officials, this Indian luxury train will now feature short itineraries which will considerably bring down the journey cost to as much as 50% of the earlier tariff with a promise of improved onboard facilities.

Maharajas Express was launched in 2010 amid much fanfare as an uber-luxe train in India to cater to the high-end luxury tour segment. With a passenger capacity of 88 in 23 plush guest carriages which included a Presidential Suite built over the whole carriage, Maharajas Express offers 4 pan-Indian journeys. Equipped with en-suite facilities such as Wi-Fi internet, LCD TVs, individual climate control, an electronic safe, and a bathroom, this luxury train is featured by various luxury travel bodies and magazines as one of the most luxurious trains in the world.

Earlier the Maharajas Express journeys were managed by Royale India Tour Ltd, a joint venture between Cox and Kings, India, and IRCTC. Now this train will be run by IRCTC alone. According to the official guests looking forward to unique travel experiences will find new dimensions to this already uber-posh luxury train. New package costs will be lesser and itineraries shorter to make the journeys more amenable to discerning travelers.

As per the new plans for the Maharajas Express journeys, the tariff for the Royal India journey from Delhi to Mumbai and Classical India round trip journey will come down as much as INR 500, 000, close to approximately US $ 9500. For more details regarding Maharajas Express journeys, tariffs, and schedules refer to the website of Indian Luxury Trains or