The Maharaja Express, the heritage luxury train of India will now be serving liquor on its journey in Uttar Pradesh as well. The letter of approval for the same was provided lately by the State Government of Uttar Pradesh to The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Limited.

The letter which sought the approval highlighted the need to serve liquor in such trains as a significant factor. This factor is efficient to gain a flawless and international level of tourism in India. Also, the fact that Maharaja Express already has the approval for serving alcohol in the Delhi line worked in favor too.  The state government of Uttar Pradesh contacted liquor authorities and asked for suggestions; reverting to this the legal authorities approved on the basis of the license provided by Delhi government. And with the consent of UP’s liquor authorities, the state government too waved the green flag.

Maharajas express is a luxury train of India and covers five different journeys. Name of the journeys are, “Heritage of India”, “Indian Splendor”, “Treasures of India”, “Gems of India”, “Indian Panorama” and “Indian Splendor”. All the trains are fully equipped with state of the art facilities and the theme of their designs has been inspired from the legendary empires bygone era. The journey that covers Uttar Pradesh is “Indian Panorama”.