Are you looking forward to a wildlife vacation in India? And do you want it to be as luxurious as possible? One may consider it an oxymoron when we say the word luxury wildlife safari, but yes it is possible – or to be more precise – it is now a possibility thanks to the Taj Group of Hotels. Taj hotels in collaboration with the &Beyond of Africa. Wildlife Safaris by Taj are not just luxurious with stays in their state-of-the-art jungle lodges but it is also the most eco-friendly and green way to travel across the wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Here are some more wildlife vacation ideas in India if you are just looking to explore wildlife in India.

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces are recognized widely as the finest and largest hotel group in Asia. Taj Safaris are a Collection of forest lodges and resorts that allow travelers to enjoy probably the most luxurious wildlife tours in India.

These wildlife experiences are based on sustainable ecotourism models to cause minimum impact on the local ecosystem. Taj Safari is a joint venture with &Beyond, Africa’s most comprehensive safari operator and an ecotourism company, and the Taj Hotel Resorts and Palaces.

With Luxury Taj Safari, Wildlife lovers and guests get to enjoy luxurious accommodation, expert &Beyond trained guides, exceptional hospitality, romance, and sumptuous regional cuisine.

Banjar Tola, Kanha

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Banjar Tola – Taj Safari &beyond

Banjar Tola, a Taj Safari Lodge, is nestled on the periphery of the Banjaar River overlooking the Kanha National Park. Kanha is one of the best maintained National Parks in India and offers unbeatable means to experience the bounties of flora and fauna.

It is via the legendary hospitality of this Taj Safari Lodge and the majesty of the sanctuary that visitors can take way an unforgettable experience of their holidays in India. In addition to the 22 animal species besides tigers, Kanha also hosts 200 bird species that are regularly spotted.

Pashan Garh, Panna National Park

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Pashan Garh, Panna – Taj Safari &beyond

Panna National Park is situated in the Vindhya Hills along the tranquil Ken River, one of the cleanest rivers in the world in the state territory of Madhya Pradesh. Panna National Park is abundant in nature and fauna and offers some of the best opportunities to spot various rare animals in their natural habitat.

Pashan Garh is Taj Safaris’ latest safari lodge comprising of a cluster of stone cottages huddled atop a small hill, with splendid views over the woodland. The forest safari lodge is in the vicinity of a large waterhole that draws numerous tigers and resident antelopes.

Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh

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Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh – Taj Safari &beyond

Bandhavgarh National Park supports one of the highest densities of tigers on the Subcontinent. Its hilly open terrain includes many large grassland meadows that greatly increase the chances of tiger spotting. Mahua Kothi is located in proximity to this wildlife sanctuary.

The name Mahua Kothi draws its inspiration from the Madhuca Indica, or as it is commonly known, the Mahua. The original Kothi (homestead) comprises the guest areas and has been tastefully refurbished in addition to the guest accommodation which is all brand new.

Baghvan, Pench

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Baghvan, Pench – Taj Safari &beyond

Pench National Park provided Rudyard Kipling with the perfect backdrop for his classic tale “The Jungle Book”. A typical Central Indian teak jungle, Pench supports a rich variety of wildlife, including the tiger, leopard, wild dog, gaur, sambar, chital, and brilliant birdlife.

Named after the king of India’s jungles, the regal Bengal tiger (“bagh” = tiger, “van” = garden). Baghvan offers plush accommodation in its tastefully furnished interiors. This unique wildlife experience of Pench National Park is complemented by plush accommodations, gracious hospitality and delicious regional cuisine served in a truly adventurous setting.

The Getaway Hotel, Gir

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Gir National Park – Only place in India where one could spot Asiatic Lion

Besides the Taj Safari wildlife lodges, The Getaway Hotel in the vicinity of Gir National Park is an ideal retreat for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. With the unique advantage of Taj hospitality, guests experience a fascinating experience of the wildlife adventure in Gir National Park which is the only natural habitat of Asiatic Lions in Asia.

Once at Gateway Gir Forest, experience the best of both worlds. While the jungle safaris introduce you to a life untouched by civilization, the hotel’s 28 aesthetically-designed rooms offer the best of modern-day comforts for you to unwind in, after your rendezvous with the wild.