Golden Chariot, the first and only luxury train running in South India, has completed its 100th  trip with the Splendor of the South journey on November 12. Till now, the only luxury train to achieve this benchmark is the Palace on Wheels, owned and managed by Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation (RTDC).

The Splendor of the South journey that commenced on November 12 will reach its final destination on November 19.

Golden Chariot was launched on 10th March 2008. The luxury train offers two trips- Pride of the South and Splendor of the South. While Pride of the South covers the destinations in Karnataka, the Splendor of the South covers Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Pondicherry.

During its initial run, Golden Chariot witnessed an occupancy rate of 42 to 50%. However, in the last two trips, the train has registered better collections due to excessive promotion done in India and abroad.

During its 100th trip, the Golden Chariot had 86 passengers on board with a higher percentage of domestic tourists than foreign ones. According to  Mr. Srinivas, project director, of Golden Chariot, the luxury train will reach its break-even point next year which is quite earlier than Palace on Wheels as it took 9 years to reach that stage.