In the time of turmoil and political unrest, Pakistan has something to cheer about. The first luxury train of Pakistan was flagged off from Lahore by Prime Minister Yosuf Raza Gilani at 3: 30 Sharp on 3rd February. Whereas most of the time, trains in Pakistan barely manage to run on time, Business Express, the state of the art luxury train aimed at the high end business traveler segment completed it run on time. The journey between Lahore and Karachi lasted for 18 hours, which in itself is a record as normal trains take almost 30 hours to complete the same distance.

Business Express, the Pakistan luxury train, will be managed by Pakistan Railways in collaboration with Karachi based Four Brothers International Pvt Ltd. The train is equipped facilities like laptops and televisions to add to the comfort and assist in business meetings. One way ticket to the train from Karachi to Lahore will cost Rs 5000 (Pakistani currency) whereas return journey will cost Rs 9000.