Love is definitely in the air for passengers of the Golden Chariot. After four years of its inaugural run, the Golden Chariot is running at full capacity for the first time today. Karnataka’s very own Palace on Wheels, this Indian luxury train chugged out from Bangalore with full occupancy for its 8-day adventure “Pride of the South”. One of the factors for this milestone could be attributed to the fact that the train will be in Goa ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The landmark moment has come as a huge relief and confidence booster for the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), operators of the Golden Chariot. Last year’s run of this luxury train in India saw many ups on downs as a few trips were cancelled and the issues related to payment of the haulage charges.

Breaking the record of all-time high occupancy level, which earlier was 90% in 82 runs this train has made since its introduction, the surge in demand for this rail tour could be attributed to the marketing efforts of its operator who proactively promoted this South Indian train tour across the globe through various forums. The train could accommodate up to 88 guests in 44 elegantly appointed cabins equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.