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Goa Tour Packages

Nicknamed 'the pearl of the orient', Goa is every travelers delight. Besides the tranquil beaches and the adventure activities, Goa tours also enable an insight into its medieval churches, its vibrant culture and a colorful lifestyle of the people staying here. To catch a glimpse of this region in Konkan, browse through the itineraries that will take you on a vacation through this enchanting land.

Vacations in Goa are exclusive and enable guests to feast on the Portuguese heritage very well intermingling with the local cultural traditions. Besides lazing around in the beaches, one can also enjoy savoring on the coastal cuisines and the assortment of seafood served here. Goa tour packages also facilitate one to be a spectator to the spectacular Goa Carnival; the most looked forward to annual festival of the state.

Best Goa Tour Packages in India

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Orient Tour West Coast India
Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
Destinations Covered: Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai
Mumbai Goa Cochin Tour
Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights
Destinations Covered: Mumbai-Goa-Cochin-Mumbai
Golden Triange Tour with Exotic Goa
Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights
Destinations Covered: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Goa
Mysore Goa Tour
Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights
Destinations Covered: Mysore - Belur - Halebid - Hassan - Shravanbelagola - Bangalore - Mumbai - Goa
Gateway to West & South India
Duration: 16 Days / 15 Nights
Destinations Covered: Mumbai - Goa - Belgaum - Badami - Aihole - Pattadakal - Hospet - Hassan - Shravanbelagola - Hassan - Madikeri - Mysore - Srirangapatnam - Bangalore - Mumbai
Goa and Exotic Kerala Tour
Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights
Destinations Covered: Goa-Cochin-Munnar-Thekkady-Kumarakom-Alleppey-Cochin
Churches Tour
Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Agra - Kolkata - Chennai - Trichy - Velankanni - Trichy - Kochi - Goa - Mumbai - Delhi
North & South India with Deccan Tour
Duration: 19 Days / 18 Nights
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Varanasi - Agra - Jaipur - Mumbai - Goa - Badami - Hospet - Mysore - Bangalore
Flavors of India Tour
Duration: 26 Days / 25 Nights
Destinations Covered: Delhi - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Bikaner - Jaipur - Agra - Orchha - Khajuraho - Varanasi - Mumbai - Aurangabad - Mumbai - Goa

Goa Holiday Packages

Steal the most of exuberance the coastal town of Goa has to offer with our Goa tour packages. Discover why Goa is touted as a nonstop destination for adventure and romantic rendezvous. Stroll along the South Goa beaches and indulge in unmistakable watersports, party with all your heart at north Goa pubs and bars. Spend an entire day exploring Portuguese architectured streets; stop for trying your luck in a casino, and sample a spellbinding sunset on a Mandovi River Cruise. Register yourself for the dolphin-watching tour at the Calangute and Baga Beach. Pedal, the Chorao Island, followed with a Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary visit for a bird watching tour. Explore both the surreal world of beaches and enthralling nightlife in all of our Goa holiday packages.

You will get access to the inclusions like meals, transportation, accommodation, and sightseeing in our Goa tour packages. We are giving you every reason to wing off on the sun-drenched shores of Goa beaches and celebrate your holidays in India’s own beach land. Browse our wide range of Goa holiday packages which are specially designed for family vacationers, couples, and backpackers. Use our online quoting tool and let our Goa trip planning experts team work with you to make your Goa trip an exceptional experience.

About Goa

Goa is India’s smallest state in terms of area and nestled on the western coast. This sun-soaked state is known for its immaculate beaches, dazzling nightlife, and hippies paradise for backpackers. Goa is where Indian culture intertwines with Portuguese influences. Also, India's fourth-smallest state is known to impart a long-lasting impression on tourists with its intertwining of Portuguese and Indian culture. Goa is divided into two parts; south Goa and North Goa. Traveling towards south Goa is a rewarding experience for beach lovers who want to vacay on the unspoiled golden sands. While to the north, Goa is where tourists visit for indulging in extravagant nightlife scenes.

Other than its golden sand beaches shimmering in its own vibe, Goa's history is very fascinating. This coastal town has long been under the influence of Portuguese power, and thus, the capital - Panjim, is where tourists flock to witness the Portuguese architecture. One of the biggest draws of Goa is a euphoric destination of fiestas and carnivals. Goa Carnival in Goa is celebrated with full fervor, where mask dance and local musical performance grace the Goan streets for four days of February. Goa is not only a watersport heaven, infact, but also forts, flea markets, and waterfalls nearby to explore.

Experience Goa

Beyond beaches, parties, and boozing, Goa is also known to exude colonial-era vibes. Its UNESCO Heritage Sites like Fontainhas is a great place to wander across the cobbled streets. Some of the Panjim houses on the streets are colored red and blue. Inside Old Goa, several churches are located dating back to the 16th century. From a historical lens, India’s smallest state has plenty of forts for historical buffs. Tourists can also learn about the different spices produced in the region on a day trip to spice plantations. Also, ancient caves, waterfall trekking await your exploration. 

Here are some of Goa ’s attributes that make it unique:

Clothing - Inhabitants of Goa wear cotton clothes throughout the year according to the tropical climate. Goa's traditional attire, which tribal people wear, is Pano Bhaju and Valkal, a string of leafy loincloths and beads. Catholic women in Goa wear gowns/dresses because the culture of Goa is influenced by the Portuguese. 

However, Catholic women follow their Indian tradition and Hindu caste system. The catholic wear special clothing on days like Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas. Winter in Goa is the time when men wear a jacket and woolen clothes while women wear a nine-yard sari, ‘Nav-Vari’ or “Pano Bhaju,” with fascinating jewelry.

Food - Goan seafood is one of India's famous cuisines and is a blend of spices as well. Goa’s staple food is rice and fish curry. Kokum is the special spice used in culinary preparation. Food in Goa is also influenced by the Portuguese culture because before 1961, Goa was a Portuguese colony.

Folk Dance and Music: Tourists love to delve deep into Goa's folk dance and music scenes. The different regions of Goa have distinct dance and music forms. In the urban area, modern music and folk style are the theme, while rural Goa adapts innumerable traditional dance and music forms that reflect Goa's erstwhile history. Each occasion and region has its distinctive forms. The urban areas have adapted to modern and popular music styles. One can witness women performing traditional dance like Dekni, which is a blend of modern music. 

Tribal people shake their legs on “Kunbi '' folk dance. A few dance performances at Shigmo Festival includes a lamp holding on the heads. A handful of backward communities. Upon visiting the villages in Goa, tourists will encounter the “Zagor,”; a folk play performed by the Gawda community. On special occasions like Navratri, a few communities perform the “Dhangar'' dance and “Mando'' dance.

Festivals - Apart from the famous Sunburn festival, Goa is a cluster of many other traditional festivals. During the Goa Carnival celebration every year in February, the locals and tourists alike engage themselves in the classic parade, culinary scenes, and mask parades. Sao Joao Festival is celebrated in June in honor of the thanksgiving monsoon for its arrival. Other festivals which are widely celebrated in Goa include Dahi Haandi, in the happiness of Lord Krishna’s birth, Narkasur, and Gudi Padwa. Amongst the most celebrated Goa festivals includes Christmas. 

Places to visit in Goa

Everywhere you will look in Goa, you will see lush greenery, sun-kissed beaches, stunning architecture, Portuguese-influenced colonies, and cozy cafes. Deck up your Goa package because whether you are a party creature or solace seeker or love wildlife, or want to indulge in watersports, this coastal town got you covered with everything. Browse the best places to visit in Goa with family or friends, or spouse:

  • Ashwem Beach
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
  • Aguada Fort
  • Dudhsagar Falls
  • MangeshiTemple
  • Divar Island
  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  • Chapora Fort
  • Bom Jesus Basilica
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lamgau Caves
  • Arvalem Waterfall

Things to do in Goa

Goa is all about providing limitless fun and enjoyment chances. Whether you are a beach lover or party vulture or you love taking a historical dose, the smallest state of India got you covered with a wide range of activities. Whisk through a few of the best things to do in Goa:

  • Kayak in the backwaters of the Zuari River
  • Go on a luxurious houseboat trip
  • Learn about the varieties of spice on spice plantations tours in local villages
  • Purify your mind and body with a beach yoga
  • Enjoy luxury near opulent beachside resorts
  • Plan a romantic evening or family evening on Mandovi River Cruise
  • Rejuvenate your mind with a full-fledged Swedish and Thai massage
  • Visit Anjuna Flea Market on Wednesday
  • Relish the authentic seafood
  • Paddle the bicycle on the streets of Panjim
  • Go for a dolphin watching tour on the south Goa beaches
  • Become a party animal in north Goa

Best Time to Visit Goa

The best time to go to Goa is 365 days of the year. Yes! Tourists can visit Goa in any season - be it be summers, monsoon, and winters. But from the temperature, weather, and availability of activities, November to February is the best time to visit Goa. It is the winter month, and in these 4 months, Goa witnesses its best of tourism. However, each season in Goa has its own exuberance. To make you understand what you can do in summers and monsoon and winters in Goa, give it a read to each season of Goa explained:

Summers in Goa (March to May)

The advent of March marks the summer in Goa until May. It is the time when the humidity level is high because Goa is a coastal town. Morning and evenings are, however, bearable but afternoon heat becomes unbearable. Chances of sun tanning is high, and so, only a few handfuls of tourists flock to Goa in summers because of the suppressive day heat, which hovers temperature upto 38°C (approx.). If you are budget-friendly tourists, you will find good deals on accommodation in Goa in the summers from March to May. Beaches are a great place in Goa for summer excursions.

Monsoon in Goa (July to September)

From mid-June to September, Goa gets wrapped up in lush greenery. The beach activities like watersports might get hampered due to high tides, but photography enthusiasts would be content retreats. The Dudhsagar Waterfall becomes the sight to behold in the monsoon. In July, downpour starts and lasts till mid-September. When July strikes, Goa experiences heavy rainfall. By the advent of August, the rain eases up a bit. During September, expect to have sunny patches with a little downpour. When you are in Goa during the monsoon, attend Sao Joao Festival and Ganesh Chaturthi. Goa's best places for the monsoon period are Reis Magos Fort, Dudhsagar Waterfall, and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Winters in Goa (November-February)

By the end of September and the advent of October, Goa's coastal town starts getting a litter cooler. When November strikes, winter marks its presence in Goa and lasts till February to mid-March. This is considered the best time to plan a Goa tour package with family, spouse, or friends. During the winter period, all the activities, sightseeing could be enjoyed—also, the Goa Carnival Festival in February grace Goa like a bride. The only thing about traveling to Goa in winter is accommodation gets overbooked, and thus, hotel/resort tariffs skyrocket. It is advisory to book your accommodation in advance to snag the best offers on staycations.

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