Chauth Mata Temple

One of the most exquisite temples in the town, Chauth Mata Temple is quite popular amidst worshippers. Around 35 km from the city, this temple is placed on a hill top and is accessible by a long row of stairs. The temple is dedicated to Chauth Mata, the presiding deity of the region, who was also worshipped by the erstwhile rulers of the area. Built by Maharaja Bhim Singh, it offers offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.The king brought the idol of the Devi from Panchala, a place around 15 km from Bharwada. The temple also has idols of Lord Bahirav and Lord Ganesha. This temple has been built in white marble and is in Rajputana style. The pillars, the ceilings and the walls adorn beautiful carvings.

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