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Kerala Spice Tour

5 Days Itinerary Covering : Kozhikode - Kappad - Vythiri - Cochin

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Tour Highlights
  • Sightseeing in City of Spices, Kozhikode
  • Visit to Kappad Beach
  • Adventure spot, Vythiri
  • Experience  abundant in Vythiri


There are several reasons that may prompt guests to visit Kerala, the south Indian state that is often popularly known as God's own country. The hills, the beaches, the temples, the culture, and also the cuisine of this place; all contribute towards making Kerala one of the most preferred destination for tourists from all over the world. For guests interested in experimenting with different cuisines of the world, we have something really interesting lined up for you. A short and crispy tour of Kerala that takes you through the spice alleys of the state will just be the right option for you. Kerala is popular for its spices and what could be a better option than to opt for a tour that will introduce you to some of the splendid spice plantations of the place?


Day 1 Kozhikode

Kozhikode, earlier known as Calicut is the most important destination in the spice route. Owing to the fact that it was once a major port trading in spices, it is also commonly referred to as the city of spices. Therefore can there be any other destination from where the Kerala spice tour would commence? On arrival here, our representative would assist you to check in to the hotel where you could spend the rest of the day. In the evening a stroll around the area would be a good idea to begin the tour.

Day 2 Kozhikode

Besides being a trading port of spices, Kozhikode is also well known for its pristine natural beauty. To catch a glimpse of what the city has to offer, embark on a sightseeing tour that will take you to some of its major attractions. Dotted with natural forests, waterfalls, and beaches; the city has lot to offer. Also, do not miss to visit the several art galleries and museums housed here to get an insight into the history of the place.

Located at about a distance of 15 km from the city, Kappad is one of the must visit places for tourists visiting Calicut. Known for its sun kissed beaches Kappad also houses a number of wonderful resorts that offer cozy comfortable accommodation option to its guests. On reaching here, check into one of the resorts and spend the rest of the evening in leisure. Overnight stay is also arranged here.

Day 3 Kappad - Vythiri

On the 3rd day of the Kerala spice tour, visit the beach of Kappad for its distinct serenity and poise. There is also a small but ancient temple situated here where you could go and say a silent prayer. After you have enjoyed yourself thoroughly in Kappad, you can then move ahead to Vythiri, the next destination in line. Overnight stay in Vythiri will be arranged for you.

Day 4 Vythiri

Vythiri is one of the best places in Kerala to opt for, if you have picnics and excursions in mind. With lush greenery surrounding this place from all its corners, what less then ultimate adventure can one expect? Almost a paradise, this quaint place offers serenity and peace and an excellent overnight stay in its resorts. Popular also for its abundant wildlife, Vythiri appeals to nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and even adventure tourists! Wait till you have visited the tree houses to completely let the surprises unfold.

Day 5 Vythiri - Cochin

On the final day of the Kerala Spice Tour, travel to Cochin post breakfast and arrive in the city for rest and relaxation for the day. Spend time in leisure and take a stroll around the city before you embark on the journey to travel back home.

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