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Deccan Odyssey might fail to resume luxury journey this season.

By Nikhil Chandra on Feb 24, 2011

Deccan Odyssey might fail to resume luxury journey this season.

For those looking forward to luxury journeys on board Deccan Odyssey India , the news of possible cancellation of the service will come as dismay. According to the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, new proposal for short itinerary and lesser haulage charges have been sent to Indian Railways to approval. If approved, MTDC will roll out Deccan Odyssey with itinerary spanning over 3 to 4 days. The existing rate of the journey on board Deccan Odyssey as the price is quite expensive as entire train has to be chartered which costs around INR 25 Lacs. If the new routes and revision of hauling charges are approved by the Indian Railway then you will have to pay INR 60000 per journey per person instead of INR 1.4 lacs per journey per person.

Nikhil Chandra

A savvy traveler and a part of Indian Luxury Trains (ILT) for last 2 years, Nikhil Chandra offers travel advice on a range of issues like when, where and how to travel along with advice on finding best deals and places for a perfect holiday. He is also the luxury travel feature writer for Indian Luxury Trais (ILT).

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

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