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CII-ITC Sustainability Awards Ceremony 2011

By Nikhil Chandra on Dec 07, 2011

CII-ITC Sustainability Awards Ceremony 2011
Corporate Sustainability - Rewarding Excellence

There is seldom a business leader in today's world who would argue against the need for sustainable growth. Know which companies serve you best by working responsibly on all fronts. Exercise your consumer choice, and be greener. Tailored to the Indian business environment, the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards organized by CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development rewards companies which have successfully introduced sustainability into their way of doing business. The awards will be held at Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Center in New Delhi. The event will be organized between 16:00 hours to 20:00 hours on Friday, December 16, 2011.

CII-ITC Sustainability Awards Ceremony 2011 in New Delhi highlight a variety of approaches to sustainability and the range of strategies and solutions that companies are employing to incorporate sustainability. The awards put the spotlight on concrete results that many of these leaders are seeing thanks to their sustainability initiatives. The event is jointly sponsored and supported by multi-disciplinary partnerships including business organizations, NGOs, academia, media agencies, and community groups.

Special guests will include Mr. Y C Deveshwar, Past President, CII, Chairman, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development Advisory Council, & Chairman, ITC Ltd; Mr. Suresh P Prabhu, Chairman of the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards Jury & Chairperson, CEEW; CEOs and members of the Sustainability Awards Jury.

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About the CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development

A pioneering effort by CII, the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development is the fountainhead of ideas and practices to promote sustainability in India. It enables businesses become sustainable, and channels the potential of Indian Industry to power India's agenda for inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Nikhil Chandra

A savvy traveler and a part of Indian Luxury Trains (ILT) for last 2 years, Nikhil Chandra offers travel advice on a range of issues like when, where and how to travel along with advice on finding best deals and places for a perfect holiday. He is also the luxury travel feature writer for Indian Luxury Trais (ILT).

Posted on Dec 07, 2011

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  • Lucas Apr 25,2014 @ 10:14
    yes, it's all about eautdcion. and people are being educated. hotels have embraced sustainable practices and green management is rapidly becoming a strategic tool that can enhance a hotel's competitive advantage. Today, smart marketers are focused not only on whether consumers view their message, but to what extent they engage with it.

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