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Top Places to Visit in Udaipur

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Udaipur, in Rajasthan, has over the years, garnered the reputation of being the most romantic destination in India. The reasons for this are the stunning locations, exciting heritage and Majestic Palaces.


Any visit to Udaipur comprises of two exclusive experiences: first-hand experience of the Rajasthan's Royalty and witnessing the charms of man-made beauties.

There is so much to look around in Udaipur that a single tour in the city is just not enough. From stunning lakes to majestic forts; from gorgeous palaces to Royal art museums; from lush green gardens to architectural temples; from vibrant fairs to pulsating fairs; the imperial city of Udaipur houses it all. The locations around Udaipur are totally captivating and make the city a picture perfect destination in Rajasthan.

Given below are some of the must visit places to visit in Udaipur.


Bagode Ki Haveli
Location: At Gangori Ghat, on the banks of Lake Pichola
Built in:   18th century
Built by: Amir Chand Badwa
Opening Hours: Everyday between 1000 hours to 1900 hours
Highlights: Folk dance performance and puppet show every day.


Bagode Ki Haveli which is now converted into a heritage museum is an amazing destination where you can simply walk around and enjoy the up-close and personal insight into the lifestyle of India's Royalty. The museum consists of over 100 courtyards, rooms and terraces along with stunning mirror work and gorgeous frescoes.


Art lovers can view the majestic paintings; Fashion lovers can check out the King's costumes; and collectors can take a look at King's personal belongings and traditional Rajasthani artifacts. Kids will love the puppet gallery while it is must to visit the room with turban collection housing the world's biggest turban. Folk dance performances and puppet shows every evening.


Lake Pichola

Location: Besides Udaipur City Palace
Built in: 1362
Built by: Pichhu Banjara
Significance: First man-made lake in Udaipur


The stunning Lake Pichola is witness to over thousands of tourists every day. The locations surrounding the lake are so mesmerizing that it is often recorded by tourists from all over the world that they have fallen in love with the Lake with just first visit.


Once you visit the Lake, you would not feel like going back and when you do, you will try to come back again as soon as possible. It is no wonder that one of the most famous writers Rudyard Kipling wrote in his Letters of Marque (1899), "If the Venetian owned the Pichola Lake, he might say with justice, `see it and die'". 


Sahelion ki Baari

Location: On the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake
Built in:    18th century
Built by: Maharana Sangram Singh
Highlights: Beautifully carved pavilions


Saheliyon Ki Bari which stands for "Garden of maids" is a picturesque garden, which was designed by a king and presented to his queen as a gift where she visited with her maids for leisure.


The garden lures tourists from all over the world because of its magnificent architecture comprising of stunning lawns, artistic marble work and picturesque fountains. See the bird-fountains, marbled elephants and lotus pool and you know you are in some other exotic world. These gardens are made for a perfectly romantic time.


Fateh Sagar Lake
Location: In the north of Lake Pichola
Built in: 1678
Built by: Maharana Jai Singh
Highlights: Three beautiful islands


The second man-made Lake in Udaipur Fateh Sagar Lake is a stunning and secluded location for those who wish to spend a peaceful and tranquil environment. Boating around the lake amidst the serene waters of the lake is an experience that one simply cannot forget. The tourists can travel in boats to visit the three surrounding islands.


The largest island out of the three is converted into an island garden named as Nehru Park which is a favorite picnic spot for all because of the small zoo and boat-shaped restaurant. Another island has been developed into a romantic public park with gorgeous water-jet fountains and beautiful lush greenery. The last island is named as Udaipur Solar Observatory and is the most preferred solar observing site in Asia.


City Palace Museum
Location: Inside the City Palace Complex
Highlights: Detailed Rajasthani Art


For all the culture and heritage lovers, a visit to Udaipur's City Palace Museum is a must. The museum houses a marvelous collection of some of the best ancient curios, sculptures and inscriptions of the long gone era of Maharajas. Also known as Pratap Museum, the museum is flushed with amazing range of detailed Rajasthani artworks and artifacts.


As soon one enters the Museum, he/she is stunned by the beautiful and magnificent entrance door which is called as Ganesh Deori meaning thereby "Door of Lord Ganesha". Check out the priceless antique paintings in the museums comprising of works of Mewars. The assorted collections of rare portraits, inscriptions, sculptures, wall-paintings and coins along with the famous turban of Khurram is something that should not be missed on a visit the City Palace Museum.



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